A guide to appealing ghosts

In my time here, I’ve seen many ghosting complaints on the forum. While this is completely normal and understandable, many of these threads are out of anger and frustration rather than trying to learn and grow as a pilot. This thread is to serve as a guide for appealing ghosts on the expert server. This is not a get out of jail free card in any way, but may help your chances of reversing your ghost.

Before appealing your ghost
It is important to understand the reasons why you were ghosted before starting an appeal. These details can be found in your logbook, along with the name of the ghosting controller. Your logbook is located on the first page upon opening the app. Additionally, understand that a ghost is not intended as a punishment, but rather serves as a preventative measure against bad behavior on the expert server.

What happens when you appeal your ghost
If you’ve looked in your logbook and know which controller ghosted you, shoot them a message here on the forum. All advanced ATC members are required to have forum accounts and display their forum name while controlling for easy access. When the controller is available, they will look into your message.

If you are for some reason unable to reach the controller in question, you may post a thread on the forum giving as much information on your ghost as possible. The controller will be notified, and will be in contact with you when they are available.

Depending on the discussion, the ghost can be reversed, but oftentimes, not by the controller. If the controller accepts your appeal, they will message a moderator, who will then reverse the ghost. In case there is a dispute, the controller will invite a moderator to the conversation. The moderator’s decision is final.

Compose your appeal
Try to make it as easy as possible on the controller. Remember that advanced ATC are volunteers and may not have the time or patience to deal with your nonsense.

To effectively appeal your ghost, you must understand why you were ghosted. If the controller concludes that the ghost was justified, your ghost will not be reversed unless the controller is convinced that you understand what you have been ghosted for, and that you will not do it again.

Give a good reason for the reversal of your ghost

  • It is oftentimes not enough to say that the ghost was “wrong” or “unfair” or even, “I was ghosted for no reason”. You must explain why it was wrong to ghost you or why it should be reversed.
  • Address the controller’s concerns; again, you have been notified of the offense in your logbook. If you are unsure of something, ask questions! Controllers are very familiar with the procedures and guidelines of the expert server and can clear up any discrepancies.
  • Try to provide evidence that will help you out. If you’ve been wrongfully ghosted, provide screenshots or screen recordings if you have them. Let’s say you were ghosted for not following instructions because you didn’t understand something over the frequency. Look in your logbook, see what you were ghosted for and read up on the forum for tutorials. Linking these tutorials and discussing with the controller can serve as evidence that the ghost is no longer preventative, since you have taken the time to better yourself as a pilot.

Make things go smoothly

  • Stick to the point.
  • Stay calm. The use of harsh language, name calling, ALL CAPS SCREAMING, will most likely not sit well with the controller and lower your chances of having a successful appeal. Being polite and inquisitive will go a long way, no matter the outcome of the appeal.
  • Focus on the concerns of the controller and move on. Showing that you understand what the controller wants you to do better next time matters to us. If you show willingness to address our concerns, discuss the incident, and agree to improve, that is all that is really needed. If for some reason the ghost is not reversed, you will still be seen positively and respected for your maturity in what can be a difficult situation.

If all else fails

Don’t be sorry, be better. —@the-op

Not all ghosting appeals will be successful. You may end up having to just wait a week to get back on the expert server. Indeed, it sucks, but take the time to make yourself better so you don’t end up repeating your mistakes.

Also, try finding something else to do within Infinite Flight. There’s still the training server, ATC, airport editing, and VA’s. One week without the expert server won’t kill you.

Everyone has made a mistake at some point and the expert server is not a place where you are expected to be perfect. If you for some reason, find yourself to have been ghosted, take the time to know who, what, when, and why you were ghosted. The logbook serves as a useful tool for this. Compose your appeal directed at the controller in question. Always remain calm and civil and try to clear any discrepancies with evidence. Ask questions to the controller if you are unsure about something. Sometimes, it’s the luck of the draw and things won’t go your way as each controller and situation are different. Suck it up and come back after week better than before.

Here is proof that advanced ATC controllers do appreciate mature pilots who are keen to learn from their mistakes. In this case, the ghost was lifted and made for a positive experience.


Great post! Very thorough and informational.

I really like this post. I made it #tutorials because it’s really detailed and it will help out the newer people. It’s one of those threads where you can just link it back and they’ll understand.

Great write up @naro. If I could make a suggestion I’d add a bit about the first step - first step should be understanding why the ghost happened. Although you point out that a pilot may look at the logbook, as we know that is just a very generic reason. The bottom line is that a ghost is almost pointless if the pilot doesn’t understand exactly why he was ghosted. 3/4 of the complaints start with “I was ghosted for no reason” - that is already a bad start. If you don’t know why you were ghosted, that should be your first statement. By understanding exactly why the ghost happened, then the pilot can try to make his case.


Nice one.
We’ve always had a post on this, but it’s quite old.


About this:

While an IFATC won’t debate your Report until the cows come home, he is obligated to explain, in detail, why you were ghosted. You can expect he does take the time for this. I agree with Manoel here: appealing a ghost can help all involved to learn.

I don’t fully agree with this:

The reason to appeal is to understand and learn.
There is no point in appealing if you already know why you were reported.

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I’m pretty sure #tutorials have to come from a TL4 or TL3 user, or be approved by a mod…

I can double check.

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Too much inconsistency between different IFATC. I have a ghost on record which I still barely know what I did wrong and what I should do in the future in the same situation. Some also abuse their power when you try to disagree or explain something back and teach them


I must say I’m not a fan of this thread, I feel like having a thread titled how to appeal a ghost is going to encourage people to do this. If you have any concerns just PM the controller, if they think it was an accident they know how to inform the right people to make it all good, and if they think they did the right thing they will explain why they did it, just PM the controller, no need for a whole step by step guide to appealing…


I am not trying to say you are wrong per say, but they IFATC has taken a test, theory and practical, and have to be approved by very qualified people, 99% of the time they are right, if worst comes to worst, try a PM to Tyler Shelton, if you cant find him he does the IFATC scedual every week, and is best I know in charge of IFATC…

Just to point out im a fan of this thread @naro

Will definitely come in use for users when they’ve been ghosted and are confused/need a refeeence source

Good job

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Yes, but they are not immune to making mistakes. Quoting that they are right 99% is inaccurate from my personal experience

Yes, you’re correct, not 99%, The IFATC team will do their best to be as best they can, some may shut down, others may not. Never the less we still respect them, and deal with issues as they come.

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Yes like I said a lot of inconsistency. Of course respect for all users, pilot and IFATC both.

You have every right to contact a moderator or add them to the pm if you think your concerns weren’t addressed.


I think I should have been more clear.

I agree with you, the whole point of inquiring about your ghost is to learn. I do however believe that it is important to know what you were ghosted for, i.e. not following a sequence, landing on the wrong runway, etc. etc. A simple check in the logbook should accomplish this and is why I emphasized it so much in the original post.

As for the part under ‘If all else fails’ what would you say about wording it as

While all controllers are expected to explain their reasoning for ghosting, not all controllers may be willing to reverse the ghost.

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Couldnt have said it better!

The main purpose of this post is to in fact encourage pilots to appeal or at least inquire. I think that many of the people that are ghosted often are angry and confused and don’t inquire about their mistakes. This only leads to mistakes in the future and the process goes over and over again. All in all, by remaining civil, I assure you, something positive will come out of it, even if it’s not a reversal of the ghost.

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I would 100% agree with you here. After being IFATC for a year and an IFATC officer for 6+ months, I have definitely made mistakes, learned along the way, and try to give the best support i can each and every time while learning and soaking it up from other controllers around me.

However, I think this thread goes along way to help someone figure out how to get help when it happens.

I try to give someone “check tutorials” and “please follow directions” as many times as i can before issuing a report (unless its just something bad). I wish there was a follow directions without “you will get ghosted” available as well as the one with ghosted, so that i dont have to sound as bad the first time…

But, it goes a VERY Long way when a person ghosted is nice and understand that they may have made a mistake, or… if they dont think they did, that they are STILL very nice and professional with talking with the controller. I know i speak for most ATC, that if someone is very understanding of the situation, we will reach out to have the report undone (if allowed based on prior history for the pilot).


I moved this back to #tutorials. This is a tutorial on how to go about appealing your ghost including procedures and tips.

Your first line of communication is a PM to the controller to discuss why. As stated above, if you have trouble locating a controller or need assistance with a ghost please contact a member of the moderating team.