A group flight

If anyone is interested in being in my next YouTube video and also it’ll promote there YouTube channel aswell give me an inbox and I’ll give you the flight details. Will be leaving in the next hour so everyone inbox me who wants to be in the video :) hope to hear from you guys soon

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I’m thinking training 2 if people don’t have expert then we can do some formation in the air mid flight that ok with you bro?

Noooooo! I have something else to do right now. Sorry :(. We’ll have to do it another time. Really sorry bro D:

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I might join:)

Arr damn no worries bro inbox when your free and we will do another one aswell 😌

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Your more then welcome too shall I add you to our group inbox bro?

Never mind I’ll be busy sorry😁

can i be in the group flight

Course you can inbox me pal :)

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