A group flight of 6 from the West African coast to the Belgian Capital in the brand new A330

Hey everyone,
Yesterday, @SB110, @Igor_M, @Charlieab29, Marc Gallagher, Ryan Gibb and myself decided to do a group flight from the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown, to Brussels in Belgium using the newly reworked A330 of Brussels Airlines. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Server - expert
Aircraft - Brussels Airlines A330-300

@Igor_M rotates his plen as the rest of us watch on

Rocketing out of Freetown πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±

African desert and its majestic canyons

Some sexyyyy mountains in Morocco πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦

Southern Spain and the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar

The stunning beaches of eastern France πŸ₯–

@SB110 with a smooothhh landing in Brussels

Marc also with a smooth landing, with Ryan’s lights in the distance

The chad train at our gates

Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed!



Jokes aside, it sure was a fun flight with some stunning scenery in the newly reworked A330. Doing flights as a group makes it so much more interesting especially when someone misses a runway exit and ends up in the dirt

Great pics!


Wonder who that was πŸ€”

Thanks Charlie, really was an enjoyable flight!