A group flight anyone?


We are doing a flight from _____ to _____ if anyone wants to join.

  1. Its on expert sever
  2. Copy my flight plan
  3. Keep a reasonable distance from one another(I don’t wanna get another violation :<)
  4. Enjoy! Just join my live chat is want to talk with me.

I will make a new topic where we are gonna go.

Join time: 10:45
End time: 1:30 PM MAX

You can be any plane you want just make it reasonable for the flight.
Good luck joining!

Hello! Please edit your listing to include the airports you’ll be flying to and from. It’s helpful to also include this in your subject line rather than “a group flight anyone” since the category it’s in implies that already. Have fun!


Also you may change you date to 2021-02-03T16:00:00Z. 3 hour limit :)


Yeah but any airport could have atc…

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Im at school

This has been closed because it lacks information and does not follow the category guidelines. Any #live:groupflights topic should be for a flight that takes place within 3 hours and includes all necessary information for others to join you.

Please post a complete topic on the 6th and review these guidelines before doing so: