A Green Flight into Vienna.

Aer Lingus VA Group Flight! ☘️

Finally a good time for me to post more pictures through the #screenshots-and-videos Category. I rarely have time to do anything because of Family, Trips and study.

Flight made last Sunday, I have decided to create our first group event in Europe. We have chosen Vienna for the scenery and ATC Coverage. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

Flight Details: Recreation of Flight EI664.
Time: Departed 1830Z, landed two hours later.
Users taken Part: Joe O Reilly, Naz, Gary, Darragh O Donoghue, and me of course.

The Photos: Some of them is edited using Adobe, some of them are HD Screenshots.

Anyways, let’s get to the 9 pictures. πŸ‘‡

#1 - Runway Line-up.

  • Five of us lined runway 28 with plenty of fog around. I was also in Dublin that day (IRL in IKEA). We also had a Norwegian Shuttle joining us!

#2 - Takeoff!

  • Actually, this was Naz lifting off. I was the one lining up.

#3 - Wing Views.

  • One of my small edits made, just after taking off. Reaching the Irish Sea.

#4 - Leaving EIDW.

  • Last Screenshot before leaving Dublin, the island of Howth in the view.

#5 View of Amsterdam Schipfol Airport.

  • Had a stunning view of this airport during my flight. Along with busy arrivals and IFATC.

#6 Approach into Vienna (LOWW)

  • At this point the sun has started to set. Lovely approach into runway 29 by the mountains and rivers.

#7 More Scenery before landing

  • The Same edit made as before. This screenshot was taken on the right base of the approaching runway.

#8 On Final Runway 29.

  • Cleared to land, we thanked the IFATC for vectoring and clearing us for the Approach. πŸ‘

#9 In Ground. Parking.

  • Finishing off with the Line up and turning off the Engines. Added some Light poles (because why not). Surprisingly, the IFATC thanked us back before they ended the session.

Anyways, that’s it for today and (hopefully) I will try posting some more pics by the end of the week.

See you around IFC. πŸ‘‹


Nothing but a bunch of green boisss


I noticed an Aer lingus clan when I was descending into EHAM, from medium-haul cargo flight from Krasnoyarsk


Absolutely stunning!

Keep it up mate.


Oh wow. My favorite is the 5th one. I really like that last photo with everyone in it looks amazing. Can’t wait to see more from this VA.

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I didn’t even notice on the 3rd and 7th picture you made it look like a window view at the bottom right and left


Indeed. I seriously hope to start working on the upcoming event more. I am currently in the phase of making graphics but only time will tell.

Thanks a lot @den.aviation @MonkeyManofLife @TransportForLife and @Qantas094 for the feedback! πŸ‘


Forgot me 😑


Wow some stunning photos!


Those are amazing, I personally don’t like the aer lingius livery, but it looks great here, nice edits and awesome photos!

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Awesome job Kuba πŸ‘πŸ»


Yeah Vienna ftw πŸ’ͺ

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Great photos

Btw Schipol

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I know πŸ˜‚

Sorry about that, you were with us during the flight.

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Nice pictures kuba ☘️ Great event Thanks buddy πŸ‘Œ

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Love the last pic post

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Fantastic shots Kuba sorry I wasn’t able to join ☘️✈️

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