A Great Thank You to the IFC and others

Hello guys as most of u guys know,I’m @Pilot_urp and I just became a regular and I would like to take the time to thank the IFC and forum for being such an amazing environment ever since I started being active on the forums around Early June 2018.
It’s been an amazing experience and I can only wish I was active a Lot
Earlier as I was already a very experienced pilot but not IFC member!
I’ve went from posting duplicate useless categories and learning from the amazing community to knowing the forum pretty well.Ive learned more than I could ever imagine about the IFC,seriously I’ve always been an Avgeek since I was a toddler and until I started playing IF and going on the forum I didn’t know too much but I learned so much to where I’m stunned by how much I know and I’m still learning to this minute!

I would want to thank these amazing people for providing information and being very kind and open to me!

@azeeuwnl -You have made amazing ATC tutorials and prior to starting IF,I had no clue how to use ATC and be ATC but now I’ve learned so much to where I have no problem with ATC and I’ve provided ATC service on TS1 with no problem. I’d want to be IFATC but I don’t have enough time to! And I will mention that you are the only one that has ghosted me for being an uneducated stubborn pilot ,and ever since that it’s been smooth sailing.

Staff and Mods-Thank u all for being the leaders of the community and making it very easy to be a great user and to contribute to the community.
I learned a lot about the forum and aviation because of u guys!

@KPIT and @Balloonchaser

U guys are like always in the forum and are very kind and social.Ive enjoyed discussing stuff and learning some stuff about the forum because of u2.Love talking and discussing things.

DLVA- Ever since I joined,I’ve learned an enormous amount of things both in aviation and in the real world! I’ve enjoyed events and discussing things with u guys.Also glad to be a small part of helping out the VA.I won’t tag everyone but I’d love to mention DLVA!

@racerclc u already know this but we are always on the same page lol
Nice flying with u since we were clueless noobs to actual educated IF pilots.Will discuss hurricane Florence with u later

Now this 13yr old Nerd and Geek living in Charlotte will Thank you all again and will see y’all on the forums





Welcome to the club, and we are glad you love it here!
Check out the #lounge and see what it has to offer.

Also you should add your Regular Subtitle from your account preferences



Eh i think it can go either way but meta seems more appropriate I guess
And Thank u! 😉

Edit :ok will do

Also it’s Florence,not Irma 😜


Enjoy your TL3! I foolishly lost mine. You are gonna love it there.


Well said boss. Well deserved. Maybe someday I’ll join you haha


Cant wait to see your coments in that secret place… 😉


Wait what theres a secret channel? Come on when will i finally rank up :/


Don’t ask when you will rank up. Just contribute and remain active. When I first got regular, I didn’t even know I would get it.

Your regular would come at the most unexpected time…


It definitely comes unexpectedly!
Great job @Pilot_urp :)


Awe thanks for the kind words! Anytime man! 😃

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I’m not asking, I know what it takes to get there. Just can’t wait to have that tag :)

Thanks for being a wonderful IFC member! The community and I are happy to see you’ve finally reached the summit (Lol no pun intended, only you and I will know what I’m talking about), and we hope that you will continue to be an enjoyable, encouraging, helpful member of the community!

Hopefully I’ll be a Regular like you too sooner than later :D


I just stumbled to come across this but congrats on your rank up! I hope I’ll be it soon 😆
Stay safe for Florence!!! It about to make landfall tonight!

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Congrats on the upgrade my friend! Really happy for you! 😊 Sadly when I gained TL3 I was a foolish 11 year-old. 😞 Still Happy for you! 😁😁

Good luck with Florence. My prayers are with you.

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Your very welcome!

P.S. You are in DLVA, correct?

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Congrats on getting regular! Now you have even more responsibility to post constructive responses and complete posts. Also, everyone loves a regular that is welcoming, and gives their own personal touch to their responses, rather than the usual “we appreciate your post today but…”. Good luck!

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Congrats. Once you get Regular Status have fun stalking the forums at all hours worrying about loosing it. I’d get a life before. It’s too late now. But really, Congrats.


Oh yeah. I got mine at 12 AM yesterday and I thought I wasn’t being active enough! Nice job @Pilot_urp!


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