A great route to Tibet - Unusual Approach!

Today I, together with @Korgast, flew the route from Chengdu to Lhasa again with the new CA A330. Now not many know that ZULS also have RNP procedures like several mountain airports in the world. It’s just not available in IF. So I drew the RNP approach path using this tool and we tried this approach together, it was great fun!

The approach path

This route holds tremendous view all the way

Starts descending and turning into RNP legs

Base turning

Cabin view of the surrounding mountains

And a descent landing!


Stunning pics, I love this part of China! I flew to Lhasa twice before in the A319 and 737 as well as Shiquanhe-Ngari and Daocheng. But I must try flying the A330 into Lhasa to see what’s it like flying a widebody into an airport at such a high elevation


Amazing Shots GT! Fly in an airport with terrain is always a fun thing!


Nice pictures! I just flew into ZULS in the TBM and the scenery is just beautiful