A Great Flight to Costa Rica

Last night I decided to do a flight to beautiful Costa Rica, from Amsterdam on a good old MD11 KLM.

Flight Time: 10:40
Aircraft: MD11 (KLM)
Server: Expert

Takeoff from Amsterdam

Cruising over the Atlantic at 30,000 ft

Flying over northern Canada

Passing some small Caribbean islands

Descending into San Jose

Landing runway 07 at MROC

Parked safely at the gate


Looking good, nice edits!

Thank you! This is my first time posting my pictures on the IFC.

Bit over edited here and there, but you flew the KLM MD-11 so I liked them :)

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Haha, thanks for your feedback, Iā€™m kind of new to this.

Cool ! Love the šŸŒŠ

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Yes, the ocean is beautiful!

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Rather over-edited but still good :-)

The title says it all, that looks light a great flight! Also, nice looking edits, a little too much for my taste, but great job nonetheless!

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Great photos overall! My favorite is the last photo by far, it looks the most realistic to me, with a great backdrop of mountains. The landing photo is my favorite edited photo, as it looks nice and vintage. In my opinion for some of the other pictures, for example the takeoff one, the editing was a little š–š–†š–—š–˜š– , but overall, I liked these photos!

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Thanks for you feedback!


Good lord! How the heck did you actually add realistic tire marks to the runway?
Incredible photos!

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Haha, I have no clue how those got there šŸ˜‚