A great find!

What is this great find?

I discovered today that Chambéry airport has commercial flights! They will all start on December 14th as all of Chambéry destinations are seasonal. I really encourage everyone to fly there after December 14th. It is a great little airport and the approach on runway 18 is nice because you land over a lake. If you want a challenge then you can land on runway 36 with the visual turn at the end.
See you all at Chambéry!

Airport information

Airport charts


ive flown there many times and i totally agree. Stunning approach

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Don’t want to encourage any unrealistic flying ;), but the runway is A350 capable as long as you keep an eye on your weight (<220T for takeoff and <200T for landing).

Thanks for reminding me about this gem in the alps!

Even though the A350 could possibly land at Chambéry, i’m not sure that the parking spaces would be big enough.

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Hm. Neat airport. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

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That’s most likely true!

I’m flying into there on the 27th from Manchester. It’s a chartered BA 320!

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Has anyone tried the approach on runway 36? I really recommend it.

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