A great final flight on the expert server (Last Flight)

Hey IFC,
This was my first flight with the new B77W (open beta) and my last flight for a while as my pro subscription will run out tomorrow 😔. I had a great time and it was amazing to see the new camera angles. Well, that’s enough talking, let’s get to the details and photos.


Flight Time: 7:11
Route: CYYZ - EDDF (Toronto -Frankfurt)
Aircraft and Livery: Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER
Server: Expert

Now for the photos.

Fairly busy Toronto but that’s expect as it was the hub…

My final departure. I’m going to miss you Infinite Flight. But I won’t be gone for too long. Just a 3-4 month break.

Flying above other planes is fun!

Don’t worry, it was a safe distance,

As I said above, the new camera angles are really cool.

Short final, Runway 07C. Battling a 10 knot crosswind. My landing was smooth but not my best.

And finally parked at the gate as an A350 departs behind us.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. If you did let me know and leave a like. This month of Infinite Flight PRO has been the best so thanks to the community, IFATC and all the staff members who work hard every day at making this app like no other.

Until next time,
Goodbye 👋


That’s very sad

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See you when you come back!!

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