A great big thank you to IFATC controllers in London!

I would like to say thank you and great job to all of the IFATC controllers in the London area. I’ve flown in and out of Heathrow, Gatwick, And city, multiple times today. all ATC were extremely professional and amazing!
@Shane London Heathrow Tower and Ground
@Nathan_A London Gatwick tower and ground
@Arthur London Gatwick Approach
@TRDubh Gatwick Ground (earlier)
@Manav_Suri Gatwick Tower (earlier)
@Alejandro_Castaneda Gatwick Tower (earlier)

All of you are appreciated! Thank you for your outstanding ATC services in some stressful airspaces!

-LDNTOURS (Callsign I used this morning/afternoon)


Thank you for flying and keeping things professional, and I appreciate the acknowledgement. :)


I hope you had excellent landings, thank you for contributing your professionalism so that there is excellent control.

-IFATC Alejandro C


I’m glad you had a good experience with ATC :)


Here here! Immense job!

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