A Grainy Galaxy S8 Session at KPHX (Specials Included)

I am/was down in Scottsdale, AZ for a while we were planning to be there for the week but that is probably going to change due to COVID-19 so I decided to go to Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l for a couple hours to go spotting with my trusty Samsung Galaxy S8.

Regarding my “camera equipment” I can agree with those of you who have told me that if I want to get into spotting to get a real camera.

That aside I hope you enjoy the grainy pictures of my first real spotting experience.

Starting off this topic I’ve got you guys with an American Airlines A319-100 painted in the AA/Allegheny Air livery.

Next is a shot of some Southwest 737s around the gates. (My dad who was with me thought that they were Airbuses 🤦‍♂️.)

Here is a panorama of the AAL side of the T4 garage where I had set up camp for the session.

Here we have some Southwest 737s at the gate with a United 737-900 taxing to the runway along with an AAL A321 and A319 in the Allegheny Air livery.

I was lucky enough to see the Southwest California One livery taxi to the gate.

Stay tuned for Day 2 which will be posted this evening.


I like the photos😂 and I might be the only one. Because you used a phone. But anyways they look great. I use my phone too.

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These are really good! Not just being nice, but they’re really good.

Great job! 👍


For a phone, very nice photos!

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Hey they are nice for S8 pictures. A tip try to crop and zoom the picture.
Have a great Day/night !

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Allegheny Air actually. I’ve been chasing that one for a while, too bad it doesn’t fly here often, ya know with us being the namesake and all (😂), curious how that works…

I really like these! I will use my phone when I don’t need to zoom in very much, for example:

That was taken by my phone and was even used in a promotional advertisement for the airline Swoop.
This is just a good example of why cellphone photos aren’t as bad as what some people make them out to be.


I totally agree. Sure there’s a good reason people still get DSLRs, but especially if your close, or just want an image to say been there, done that, seen that, a phone is perfectly acceptable. I mean I’ve gotten a smart phone image into Jet Photos before, sure it was a wing view, but smartphones are darn good photo takers these days, definitely comparable to a DSLR with an 18-55 mm lense given that a lot of smart phones have two if not increasingly three lenses.

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I mean I got this with an 18-55mm lens. Not the sharpest image but I’d still post it on Instagram


Yeah, try telling my photography teacher that though! lol
Here’s another I took with an iPhone 5 of all things. The camera on that is very crappy in any other environment, but somehow, the photo gods let me get a good photo (granted it is very identical to the other one I just posted haha)

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I am a firm believer of this. My only few other times I have been spotting were times I have been allowed down on to the airport ramp which made phone spotting quite nice. When you are standing in a parking garage 1000yrds from what you are trying to take a picture of things are very very different which led me to see the importance of “the right tools for the job”.

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Indeed, however this photo is about 50% heavily edited which gives it this “nice quality” effect.

Anyways great shots @KGJT-9149! Do be honest they don’t look too bad!


It is, but taking the photo is only the first step. Many professional photographs are edited. Put it this way, you wouldn’t have the photo without the camera (In this case, my old iPhone 5). I believe that editing your photos is just a part of the process, and that the result is still art, all the same.

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I’d argue that doesn’t matter, and actually proves that @Oskapew is a good photographer. It’s a compelling photo, with a good subject, and so what if the editing enhances that? That’s the point of editing, sure when you zoom in it quickly becomes clear that was taken on a second rate camera, but that’s not what you noticed right away is it? It was the beautiful colors, and angle looking down the side of the of the plane. Editing a photo well certainly isn’t some kind of cheating or something, it’s all part of being good at this…

I digress, back on topic, if you two want to keep discussing this message me, I’d be happy to talk. 😀

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Fellow phone spotter!

Those photos look great, hard to tell they were taken from a phone!


Super impressive shots for a phone! Some of these are basically undistinguishable from shots taken with a DSLR.


Nice, a lot of southwest

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Definitely. PHX is a hub for SWA and AAL. I went back this morning and was able to get pictures of some Air Canada Rouge planes but I’m too lazy to make another topic.

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