A goodbye?

Hello IFC,
I have been playing if for a few years now, and I have loved each and every bit of it. It is fun, realistic, and has a completely amazing community. This has been might primary flight sim. Well, until now.

I have lately taken my first flight lessons in your average c172r, and have had to take an off break from IF. Now I have a 15" laptop and fsx and xplane with it so I can practice things I will be doing in a week or so. With the better graphics I have also gotten a USB yoke and rudder pedals. This has enhanced my experience on the computer flight sums, however I cannot use them for IF because they are, well, usb. I have been using this almost every day, and have not used IF for a while. So, here it is.

I an now left with a decision that I would love multiple opinions on. I have only 2 weeks on my subscription, so stopping wouldn’t be a waste. Should I do IF for a little, or should I just forget about It? Or just do another 12 months?

  • Stop IF subscription
  • IF for 1-3 months
  • IF for 6 months
  • IF for 12+ months

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So anyways, I hope you all are doing fine. Goodbye!


Posting this on the Infinite Flight Community is going to get you a largely tipped opinion. ;)

But get 12+ months, no harm done! For everything that’s included, it’s worth it.

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I already figure out this would be balanced

Good point there

If you haven’t been flying IF recently for other reasons then not having the time to do so, there is a chance you might not either in the future. Hence, I suggest you get a monthly subscription and when you feel your not using to the point it’s not worth paying then cancel the subscription. Getting a yearly subscription and then a couple weeks/ months down you stop flying on IF as a whole you will probably regret paying for the whole year so the safest bet is to go with a monthly subscription.

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It’s a simple decision to make for yourself by yourself. I hope you don’t take this approach in the event of an inflight emergency. Good luck on the training I wish you the best.


@Infinite_Flyer. MaxSez: Flight School, the real deal; Your venturing into a different universe Flyer. I love IF but mixing flight school and a basic Sim could cause conflict in your RW learning cycle. The Sophisticated Rig you describe moves you up a notch. I’d move on or go month to month till your in the groove RW. Your head in gonna be in a book for awhile, Sim Time will be limited and you can’t serve two masters.

Here’s a basic RW Flight School Question/Decision. Your not going to find in IF, What’s your Decision Right Now!

“You are departing Aberdeen, SD (KABR) to the southwest and want to open up your VFR flight plan. Which flight service station are you talking to”?

A) Aberdeen RGNL B) Huron C) Cheyenne D) Groton

Life if full of decisions, Flying theres a decision every second. Nobodies gonna be there to hold your hand. Be Decisive in all things.
Good Luck Pilot



Make the decision yourself my friend, it’s your life that’s on the line.


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