A Goodbye to Virgin Australia's Boeing 777-300ERs | 20.2 Beta

If you haven’t heard already, Virgin Australia is set to phase out all widebody aircraft including its Boeing 777-300ERs. This is sort of a tribute to the airline’s 777-300ER paired with the new 20.2 Beta.

All taken in solo.

Let me know your thoughts!


Amazing shots! I love that last photo. It is sad that they are not going to be flying them anymore.

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Incredible pictures, this one looks damn near real, haha.


Thanks! Was going for that. The new 777-300ER’s wing is insane.

I really like the second to last one! The angle that shows the giant engines as well as thing wings are always my favorite! Too bad that Virgin Australia is retiring their 777-300’s, I enjoyed seeing them on FR24 and airports on the West Coast when I had the chance to visit. Keep up the excellent photography skills!

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Really nice pictures bud! Liked the third one :)

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Really? That’s sad, LAX to Brisbane is one of my favorite routes. Nice shots

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Thanks! Yea, for now Virgin Australia will suspend flying to Los Angeles and other long-haul destinations.


Some fantastic pictures! The wing view are remarkably realistic. Thanks for sharing!

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Nice shots!!! Have they redone the engine sounds??

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Amazing Photos!

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yes all 777 are now reworked with new engine sounds

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Ok thats great!! I missed if that was being added or not. Thanks

Thank you!

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when your parents tell you about planes

Me: I knew about that last year

Nuuuuuu, I wish I had of flown on their 777’s. I think I did drive by one when I was going to spot the 747