A Good Vacation From Jet2 in 2019

Right now in this pandemic was hard for aviation because of the virus canceling and destroying some airlines and so we go Back to 2019 as Air travel went fine


Boeing 737-800 (Jet2.com)

Here as we depart from Paris

Cruising Above FL310 exiting France into UK

Flying passing by the busy London airports

Flying into descending into our destination

Going into Final

Smoothly landed at Leeds with light passengers on board (since the plane was late)

Anyway tell me your thoughts


not to be confused with the “photos being made in 2019”

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You’re getting better and more creative with angles, good job

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A great set of photos for one of my favourite airlines. Great job!

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Yep I got that right

Ooo I like those red engines in the sun light. Great work!


I love the quality of the second photo

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@anon38496261 same and it has that logo on it
@CPT_Colorado thanks! Tried to make it real

I love the fact that 2 people went to see jet2’s website from what should have been the livery. Anyways, nice pics

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oh yea It just some destinations you want to go on the website