A Good Time in Bangkok

It’s that good feeling. Bangkok, Thailand. Such a beautiful and foggy place to be.

Here we see parked aircraft from Thai Airways Intl and landing we see a… uhm… is that… a Kalitta Air 747-200? I thought we did not have that plane in Infinite Flight.

Server: Expert
Time: 12:00 UTC
Route: 🇹🇭VTBS-ZBAD🇨🇳


It’s until you zoom in… 😂

I’d love to see this in IF though!

You can kinda tell it’s been edited. Good try though!

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It’s my first time photoshopping

Suggestion, if the background colour was all the same, then it’d be really hard to tell

MaxSez: Bangkok… Been there a few times. Don’t remember much but I think I had a great LBFM time. Those in the Know; Wire Maxmustang via PM… LOL

good work!!!:))))))