A Good Look at the New F-35 Demo!

This video by user Tonkatsu298 gives you an up-close and in-detail view of Andrew “Dojo” Olson’s F-35 Demonstration Practice over Luke AFB. Check out its performance on high AOA turns! Drifts like it’s nothing 😎.

Really cool the jet looks slick

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After seeing these in action at Luke, I fell in love with them, beautiful aircraft!

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I. Hate. The. F. 35.

You obviously know very little about it then.


Doesn’t mean anything. I’m neighbors with a U2 pilot whose retired but he can’t tell me the full operational limits of the U2, your navy friends cant tell you the full limits of the F35.

That’s common knowledge, that was the entire reason for the F35 coming into play. Lockheed and DoD made this announcement years ago.

So far that’s been proven wrong. The design hasn’t had any massive flaws. The engine on the other hand is another story possibly.
You say it isn’t fast, to public knowledge the F35 can reach Mach 1.6 that’s pretty fast.

Turn rate - I can’t find anything public but during Red Flag the kill ratio was 15:1. So it must be doing something right…

This I will agree with you. It’s so expensive which is why POTUS Trump asked Lockheed to drop the price

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One of two are these are officially retired and are from the 1980s I’ll let ya figure it out


And atleast as I understand it, it’s only partly desighned to replace the F22, maby play on the same ball field, but I’m pretty sure we arnt replacing the raptor


Alright, you win.

Means nothing. Its a virtual group.

Try actual air force, I have just come back from Red Flag 19 operating with these aircraft. Theyre incredible.

The F35B a complete failure? Countries are buying them.

Its not stealth, its low observable technology. Nothing stealth about it. Dont believe everything the papers tell you.

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The F-35 Dojo was flying did a full turn in 24 seconds, which isn’t half bad, considering the F-22 during its show could pull it’s turn in around 4 seconds less. But you never know how tight it can go once you max out the stick in a full turn (I think the instantaneous turn at the end of the Demo could hint at that maybe). At airshow altitudes you’re probably going to have to ease the pull at a point in the turn as to not stall out. But on the kills, I think most of that was done because of its low-observable advantage in BVR fights.

The F-22 has a major advantage in BVR fights, however. The F-22 was specifically designed to be good at stealth. The F-35 was not. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the F-35B doesn’t have in-flight thrust vectoring like the F-22 does (we’re not talking about VTOL vectoring.) I’d rather the F-35 have that kind of vectoring because it’s more of a WVR fighter.

Point made. I now feel like I know nothing about fighters.

Yet, I do know the full capabilities of the F/A-18 and F-15. Honestly, I will just leave this to the people that know more about the F-35 than I do.

Its just in my opinion, the F-35 is a financial failure.

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I agree with how it was a financial failure. I think it’s only purpose was to sell to other countries (specifically ones with carriers not capable of launching non-vtol aircraft, E.g England). It’s not really a fighter we need.

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Yeah, the design in my opinion was not very aerodynamic. Compare it too the F-22. It is more of a thicker body. Not exactly an air cutter.

Well, the thickness is mostly because of the tech needed in order to rotate the engine for VTOL ops.

Personally, I also feel that it is taking away the reliability of known jets such as the A-10. Do you see another kind of jet built around a gigantic cannon?

Unless they make a variant with a gigantic cannon. I am still not satisfied at it replacing a lot of reliable aircraft.

I was referring to non VTOL.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the f-35 isn’t for ATG ops, so I don’t think it’s role was to replace the A-10 which is hugely successful.

The pentagon is debating it. Honestly, the F-35 would preform horrible for ATG because a reminder.

THE A10 HAS A FLIPPING GIANT CANNON. Kind of like the Death Star, just instead of lasers, a giant hale of massive sized bullets.