A Good Learn

So today after flying 5 hours from Narsarsuaq to Reykjavik and landing in an utterly insane 35 knot head wind in my 172 I struggled to taxi to GA parking; turned left onto the taxiway… and was immediately blown over and issued a violation for acrobatics near an airfield.

Learn: should’ve flown inland to one of the 3 very near airfields to see if wind conditions were more favorable there.

So now I have to fix my Cessna and wait for my bruised ego to heal before continuing around the globe!

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you should have landed at hong kong the winds there are way better

jokes aside @appeals might be able to get the violation removed but im not sure

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When I read up on violations they basically said if it’s not a level 3 don’t worry about it and learn from it - so here I am.

The Cessna 172 cannot land or taxi in wind conditions above 30 knots haha!


Seeing as it wasn’t an issue with the app it won’t be removed, most likely.

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Solo + 60kt head wind = levitation

yeah but figured it was worth a shot


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