A good experience with American Airlines

Hey all! On 11/4, I took a trop to Austin, TX via American Airlines for a couple hockey games to play. This flight is possibly one of my best domestic flights I’ve had, and yes, it was onboard American Airlines’ infamous Oasis cabin.

Flight Information

American Airlines
N886NN (@Nightt has flown N885NN)
3:35PM PDT Scheduled Departure
8:17PM CDT Scheduled Arrival
2 Hours, 17 Minutes Flight Time

With my dad trying to eat Chick-Fil-A 45 minutes prior to boarding, here I am showing up to TSA Pre-Check 5 minutes before boarding.

After making it 10 minutes late to boarding and being 5th to last to board, I sat in seat 25A. Legroom was pretty nice, IFE for Movies and TV was free, internet access being $12 an hour from what I can remember which is a bit expensive but not needed on a 2 hour flight.

Forgot to mention that today’s pilots were literally named Tom and Jerry. Please get this reference.

We used Runway 01R for departure after waiting in a line of 6. This being the 3rd time I’ve taken off this runway as the other 46 times I’ve departed this airport, we used 08 and 26. A G-Force 727 which arrived for the season can be seen if you look closely. 👀

A slower climb lead us to be up close with the mountains. Nellis AFB also can be seen!

Views of one of the seven wonders of the world!

Snack / Drink service was not bad. Could’ve been better but I’m not complaining. I was given 4 bags of pretzels without request as they had too many lol. Biscoff cookies never go wrong either. 🍪

Sunset over New Mexico! This is where they dimmed the cabin lighting too.

Descending through 10000ft into @Suhas land.

After a rather rough touchdown of -300 or so (definitely done by pilot Jerry), I had a little peak of the cockpit. A little blurry but really cool.

The return flight is this weekend on 11/7, I’ll ask for a better view of the cockpit as the pilots of this flight were unable to let me actually sit in the seats since they needed to talk with ground crew. Till next time!


A good experience? With AA?


Just kidding 😉 great report!

half kidding


Yeah, I was surprised myself. F/A were really nice, smooth flight too. This is my 8th time flying with them, (4th domestically), and my best flight with them.

Somehow beats the Dreamliner flight I did with them from NRT-DFW.


I love American, one of my top 3 airlines to fly with.


AA is my favorite airline! Glad you had a good experience, as many don’t. All of mine have been amazing, and I’ve flown with them 100s of times. 😊

Awesome photos! Glad you were able to see the cockpit! That’s always awesome!

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Aeee Someone like me actually enjoying AA!!


imagine having to sign up for a credit card just to get 1 free checked bag

couldn’t be me


Nice trip report Kam!

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Insert sassy comment from LordWizrak about blurry backgrounds.

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I’m honestly shocked, you’ve managed to get the whole wing in the picture!

I mean, the rest of the aircraft is missing, but perhaps this is an indication that your future spotting images will feature the entire aircraft 😳


I am now going to cut off the vertical stabilizers of all my shots because of this comment :)

Nice trip report! Finally someone on this forum has a good experience with AA. (In my opinion it’s the best of the big 3 US) Also, I love that picture inside KLAS! One of my favorite airports.


Every airline except SW charges something for a checked bag… so id say one checked bag to sign up for a credit card is a pretty good deal

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Haha, hope they like each other. Great photos and looked like a great flight


Nice trip review! :)



Dudes hairline has less gradient than your spotting topics 😵‍💫

I can’t talk

Great pics/report Kammy!


You cant😂

Nice pics! AA is Underrated and doesn’t deserve the hate it gets. Haven’t had a bad experience with them in some time.


Also, the plane your flying on today is a plane I actually flew on🤣


Yessir, I’ll make a separate topic for it the AUS spotting topic coming soon (aka tomorrow or so)

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