A good device for infinite flight

hey there,
i currently use a HONOR 7X and have been noticing a lot of heat and quick battery discharge recently.(over 2 weeks)
at the start it was fine but now a lot of heat and crashes in the middle.
started a flight at 7 am from klax to vidp but had to shut down the device mid flight due to terrible heat. ( the same device was fine when completing the same flight earlier).
(was afraid if it might explode)

considered buying ipad air 2 but found a cheaper one , an ipad 6th generation.
is it capable of handling infinite flight.
please help

thank you for your time



Check this thread out for some good recommendations…


already saw that but never found this device in the list.

Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were asking about purchasing a new device…not if the device you have is good for Infinite Flight.

I am not familiar with your device. However, before every long flight I clear my memory, clear the cache in game. And if it’s a long flight to prevent heating I enable low power mode in the game settings, turn down brightness all the way, turn on frame rate, turn off anti aliasing and reduce graphics to low.

thanks for the help

I just have the normal 9.7" 6 gen IPad that I run 14 hour flights very well. I just turn all the settings and brightness down. It heats up a little but I havent seen any really bad heating issues and it runs very well.

I recommend a phone with a good battery. Atleast 3000mAh… To get rid of the heat i recommend a phone with a high amount of RAM. Personally id go for a phone like the Oneplus 6 or the Huawei P20 pro. If you want a cheaper phone then i recommend the Samsung Galaxy S8

Any iPad from the Air 2 onwards is good enough in my opinion to run infinite flight on max settings, of course the newer the better as it will keep going for longer, given the air 2 is already 4 years old I wouldn’t say it’s worth buying given it will probably be cut off from support within the next few years and struggle to run ininfite flight also in the future so get a newer iPad an sim sure it will be perfect for another 5 years.

thanks a lot

OnePlus 5t or OnePlus6 are the phones that are the best in my opinion. They run Android 8. They have amazing batteries which charge in just one hour and retail from 560$-620$. They have 8GB ram and run IF like a beast. I have the OnePlus5t and I run IF on the highest settings with Anti Aliasing on.

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