A Golden Sunset in the Capital of Belize


So last week Central America had some airports featured, so as a thunderstorm rolled by my house I decided to do a scenic flight to one of the featured airports. I spent way too long of a time looking for routes, until @Infinite_Qantas said he flew Miami to Belize City and that the flight was amazing. So I completely stole that idea and flew it too. If you want to see his screenshots from this flight, click here. And if you want to hear a Sweet, silky Rick Astley appears on your screen, click here!. I left Miami in the late afternoon as United 737-800 arrived from Texas and flew southwest over the Florida Keys, Cuba, Cancún and then into the beautiful jungles of Belize as the sunset. This is a flight I would highly recommend to anyone and flight time was 1 hour and 39 minutes.

Flight Details

Miami to Belize City
American (AAVA) 643
Airbus A320
@infinite_pro @JulianB @Ur_Friendly_Approach @Philippe_Gilbert

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Rotating off of runway 8L in Miami just after 6 PM Gear up in the full moon blue sky Banking over Miami Beach and the coast of the Atlantic The crystal blues of South Florida as we climb to our cruising altitude The stunning views of the Florida Keys as we fly Southwest Descending into the sunset of Belize Gear down as the sky is lit by a golden setting sun The Airbus A320 cockpit on short final More flare on this landing then the 4th of July, in the ground in the capital city of Belize!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which should I post next

  • Dallas to Tokyo (American 777-300ER)
  • Honolulu to Seoul (Asiana 777-200ER)
  • Los Angeles to Brisbane (Virgin Australia 777-300ER)

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The answer to the last question was Cinnamon which 78% got correct


First one! Amazing shots!

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nice to see someone going to belize

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Amazing! Haven’t seen your pictures in a while, should really be more active on IFC. Amazing shots!

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As someone who has been here in real life and flies here all the time in IF, awesome pictures! I love to see Belize City utilized!

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I just clicked the second link to have the opportunity to say that I was rick rolled my NoahM. Great photos! Thanks for giving my city some love

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Wow! These are some beautiful photos!

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Beautiful pictures! 😀

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Definitely my all time favorite route

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Fantastic pictures! Love number 2 :)

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Pretty dope man. Go to Tokyo.

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Happy b day btw

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The shots are so vibrant! Well done 👍

See you in the skies :)

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These are good, and for me, that’s bad.

Is that blur I see?

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Oh my 😍 great shots!

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@Rolls thanks!
@GameBoy_KIRB it’s an awesome and underrated country!

@Rian16 thanks Rian! I’m happy you like them

@JarrettFlies it seems like it would be an awesome airport in real life!

@AviatorNikola 😎 thanks, please keep clicking the Rick Rolls

@MJP_27 @Ondrej thanks a lot guys! 😊

@Infinite_Qantas it’s a fun one, thanks for the idea 😉

@Luke_King-kong thank you Luke!

@Ur_Friendly_Approach I have to wait for what the poll says, I can’t leave people hanging 😂

@Captain_Cign thanks! The love Caribbean sunsets like that, they’re great!

@Suhas yes, yes it is ;)

@Sashaz55 thank you Sasha!


Which app do you use to edit the pics?

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I use the Normal Apple IPhone Editor and a free app called Snapseed!



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A320, Ocean, Beaches and Sunset… Not much more to say other than all these are great and together with your skills they make for a very good #screenshots-and-videos topic.

The flight deck shot is a real stunner too!

Thanks for sharing ;)

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