A Glitch with Hot Fix Grade 3

So I’m a grade 3 and I can’t fly on expert because it says I’m grade 2…

How are you grade 3 with 41,000 XP? You need 50,000

Not according to the chart

New requirements buddy :)
50,000 XP is needed to fly on the Expert server

Ik but I just took these 5 mins ago

Wait they changed it to 40,000!!!

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This isn’t a photoshop troll I’m dead serious I have no clue what’s going on here

Beats me

Maybe wait a while for it to update
Or restart your app

See, it looks like it on mine too! Why did they change it?

I tried restarting but didn’t do anything…

No, it was 50,000 on mine yesterday. They must have changed it.

Guys, Tyler has edited it there is now new requirements and rules for expert server.

Still doesn’t answer my question…

Oh yeah we go a bit off topic. Have you been ghosted in the past week?

Have you tried hard reseting your phone?

Also, sometimes, it takes the servers a bit to update, especially after an update.

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Nope haven’t played on expert been getting my Xp on training 1

Ok, try resetting your device.

Already have