A glitch on approch

Hello IFC members,
Today I’m posting this in a glitch in the plane is going up in my trim is at -100. I hade to go around because of that! And the plane was going at like +2000 FPM but the plane gained 0 altitude

Yeah, I had to because on the short final, the plane dipped down and pulled up just in time. But the second landing was a butter.
Also can someone put the link where you can share IF replays?


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-100% trim doesn’t mean that the aircraft will 100% of the time go downwards. There are a variety of factors that affect pitch, and to be completely clear, -100% trim is very rarely needed at any stage of flight. Speed, flaps, and even your autopilot settings can affect how your plane pitches upward or downward, and you shouldn’t rely on trim to control pitch. Use the yoke, flaps, and throttle effectively to set yourself up for a well executed landing.

Your replay can be shared using sharemyinfiniteflight.com, by the way.

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Thank you very much

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