A Giant Flight from the North Border of Mexico to a Setting Sun in San Francisco

Tijuana to San Francisco, Atlas Air 747-400, Flight time was 1 hour 7 minutes. Using the Atlas Air 747 is always fun because it gives me an excuse to use a 747 even though my subscription ended. Tijuana to San Francisco is not served commercially, but Atlas Air flies as a charter airline, so as far as Iā€™m concerned this route is as realistic as New York to LA :)

Pulling back on the control column and rotating out of Mexico Ascending just west of Palm Springs
Flying over the mountains of central California Descending past the sunset lit mountains About to cross over the signature Salt flats The runway lights come into view 15 miles out Final approach into the SFO A rough touchdown on 28L as the sun sets

Please let me know your thoughts!


Nice photos!

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I love the Atlas Air livery and I love these photos! Nice job šŸ˜

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Thanks! And thanks for flying that route for me today

wow! amazing photos!

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The Atlas Air livery is one of my favorites too!

Thanks a lot!