A general apology

Over the past few weeks I’ve constantly made a few pointless topics that I could’ve easily looked up for myself and I’ve just been a bit of an idiot and I think I’m just trying to hard to be a regular by ,asking topics instead of just looking them up, I’ve reall thought about my mistakes and I’m really sorry for wasting some of the moderators time and I’ll try to sort myself out as soon as possible, hope you understand.


do not worry I think everyone when we start do (I include) with time you learn

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Yes, I will definitely try to learn from my mistakes and become a good regular

It’s good to see you realising your mistake and taking steps to resolve it. Being a regular isn’t always about being active, you have to be helpful and considerate, go above and beyond 😉


Yeah I sort of realised what you have to do to be a regular 😆

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Listen, mistakes happen. Like Kirito said; At least you’ve acknowledged it, and are trying to fix it.

I would say most of us have started off like that - I know I have!

You can take a look here help:


See you around!

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Thank you for admitting to your mistakes, but unfortunately this is not how you get Regular. In this forum, TL3 is not about the numbers or stats or how many likes or posts you make a day, it’s about your characteristics, your contributions, and what you can bring to the table for this forum. Being a positive member and someone anyone can come to if they need help.

Ignore the numbers, focus on being a better and making this community a better place for all to enjoy.



You shouldn’t really apologise, unless you want to.
People make mistakes and they improve from them. No one is perfect.

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So, you think the best way of appoligizing for making pointless topics is to make another one instead of just correcting yourself and carrying on? Kappa

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No need to apologize! To strive on your goal, just be yourself! What’s counts most as a Regular is having your own personal character. ;)

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Hey, no need for the negativity.

This is a step forward for CJ and we should all be supportive. Unnecessary comments like this one are the sort of thing he’s apologising for. Don’t criticise him, many forum members wouldn’t even have the props to come out and do this


Notice the kapp lel.

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@Cjthew91 Mistakes happen man! That’s why we are here for you! And the moderators will understand, you just learn to be better! We haven’t given up on you at all! At IF everyone is part of the family! Its up to everyone to make this community better and thrive! People make mistakes! We forgive you and accept your apology! See you in the community and in the air! 👨‍✈️

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Appreciate the apology and we’re happy to have you. Let us know if we can help you in any way!