A future purchase, how do you see it?

Hello I hope you are well.

I have decided to renew my one plus 3t and give it another utility.
I have the idea of buying the Nubia Red Magic 3.


The main reason is that now with 64 GB between some things and others memory is already reaching the limit.
The second reason is to play games like infinite flight and that lasts 3-4 years, being able to do it in a fluid and good way.
The main tricks to choose the Red magic 3 is for its liquid cooling system, the fan that I believe that for flights exceeding 2-3 hours comes in handy.
In addition to its 12 gb of ram and the snapdragon 855.

My current phone gives me about 165,000 in antutu, redmagic exceeds 380,000.

I have read and I think that infinite flight will give a quality jump, it can not be adding airplanes and changing the interface or menus constantly and I want to be prepared for when the clouds or 3d objects arrive.

How do they see it?

Uhh. I’m confused. What are you trying to say?

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I’ve never heard of this phone but it seems like an absolute powerhouse. It makes my Pixel 2 seem really outdated. The specs seem really good and if you like the phone I would say get it. What do you think of the new One plus?

Whether or not it is worth it according to the requirements of the infinite flight in a few months.

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The new one plus is also very powerful, gives results similar to what I told you but in refrigeration is not the same.
The red magic has liquid cooling in three layers + fan.
In addition to a more optimized interface.

Not to mention 200 euros less.

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If you can afford it, then it would be great for IF. It is a gaming phone, so it would be optimal.

I’m sticking to my Iphone SE…

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