A Funny Delay

I thought I would share this funny experience I had when I was flying out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (GRR). My flight was delayed because the pilots had not arrived yet was the reason explained by the check-in counter. After about 1/2 an hour after the scheduled departure time, wait for it…
One of the pilots came out asking why passengers had not boarded yet. Several people in the gate area started laughing, and they immediately started boarding the plane. I can only imagine what the pilots were saying to the controllers when they were explaining why they were not ready to pushback yet. LOL!


Which airline was it?

It was American. I was flying to O’Hare

How was ohare and do you know what plane you were on

I live in Grand Rapids, and I’ve had some pretty funny experiences there too. One time the gate attendant played “Let it go” before boarding.


lel 😂 im crying

So did mean lol or if not what does let stand for cause I’d like to know

IDK, but “E” and “O” at pretty far away on the keyboard… Anyway, back to aviation xD

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