A fun review of all aircraft

Hello to everyone!

I’m writing to the community today because with the new year in full swing I wanted to invest a little more time into Infinite Flight. Granted, the past few months have been challenging with this thing called life and unfortunately I have not been as invested in Infinite Flight as I would have liked. However, with a new year comes new plans and I thought of no better way to invest more time into Infinite Flight than doing airplane, airplane performance, and airplane flight reviews of all the aircraft that are available in Infinite Flight. I am aware that I, myself, am not a standout name in the flight sim community and I don’t expect to be one anytime soon. However, with the reviews I write I hope to either spark interest in flying a certain aircraft more or to turn people a way from a certain aircraft or both. But most importantly jut to have fun and participate more in the Infinite Flight community. I encourage feedback on all my posts as that will help both inform me and help me get my foot in the door.

Thank you and I look forward to getting this started. First post will be posted on Friday in the afternoon.

Sincerely, American Boeing


Awesome to see you wanting to get more involved in IF! Can’t wait to see those aircraft reviews too. 😉

Hey that’s a good idea! I await your first review!

sucks don’t it lol

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Haha It definitely does @LoneStarAviation

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Thank you very much I’m looking forward to it.

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I think you should go in order newest to oldest planes so you give those old planes ex. The a330 enough time to get reworked, but other than that very excited to see these reviews!

Nice looking forward to it

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