A Fun Review of aircraft Part 1

Hello all. Well this is it the beginning of my fun little review of every aircraft that is currently available in Infinite Flight. Below I’ll attach the previous post from before just for those who may have missed it can catch up and see where I am at in terms of reviews. So without further delay here it goes.

With the very beginning of my attempt to become more involved in Infinite flight I started with the a318(Airbus a318). I truly only flown this airplane maybe once or twice while on Infinite flight. I flew it as a private charter flight from KJQF to KBHB. I flew with 6 passengers including First Officer and Captain. Cruise altitude was at 35,000 feet and route took us straight east until hitting the coast and basically following up all the way to the destination. Airport conditions were nice slight headwind and quick rotation speed due to how light I made the load. Climbing was amazing there was no delay orbit effort to raise the nose for takeoff. While climbing to cruise I pitched to a 250kt airspeed and when passing 10,000 feet I pitched for 280kt airspeed. When reaching cruise again there wasn’t much to complain about until we reached about the Virginia state line. The tiny little a318 got absolutely wrecked by the 100 knot cross wind with moderate to severe turbulence at some points during the flight. This was either due to how light the aircraft was or due to how high the cross winds were gusting. Descending and landing at KBHB there wasn’t much to complain about either. However, when engaging the APPR into the ILS the nose when catching the glide slope would violently pitch about 5-10 degrees up to catch the glide slope.

Over all this aircraft was amazing id rate it about 8/10 only due to the fact that some turns on the auto pilot were not quite on point and definitely the violent glide slope path didn’t help, point wise, any better.



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