A fun GA day!


Hello IFC! Today @Julien_Narayanasawmy and I did a formation flight of 2 from KNUC to KBUR for GA day in the popular Cessna 172! We flew over Catalina Island and over KLAX with some beautiful scenery in SoCal.

So here are the photos of the flight!

Server: Expert
Flight time: 52mins
Route: KNUC to KBUR
Aircraft: C172
Callsign: G-OOOD and I-LOVE

A classic tail shot to begin the fun!

Taxiing to the runway with a TBM sneaking up behind

Turning left for KBUR

Scenic shot of Catalina Island

Random shot

Shiny Cessna

Flying over KLAX with a tiny A380 on the ground

A tight formation

A Stunning view of mountains with some fog

Parked at the ramp!

That’s all for today!

Hope you liked it :)


I spotted yall while controlling at KVNY. Great shots!


Thank you :)

Stunning shots!

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I’m glad you liked it 😊

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It was a really nice formation flight…

You didn't see it

Except my landing

No-one saw it, ok? 👀

And amazing shots…


That’s why I didn’t include the landing shot 😂, Sorry. We both had a pretty bad landing tho

It was a really nice formation flight, thank you :)

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I land the Boeing 777 Freighter better than that Cessna lol…

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That’s so nice editing you have! Beautiful shots, well done.

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I suck at landing the B77F @Julien_Narayanasawmy lol

Thank you so much @Collins4486 :))


I don’t know if you were satisfied with my service 😂 Anyway, great photo!!!


We were satisfied with your service! You did really well 😊

Thank you!

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