A fun flight to Paris! (u see what I did there no ok)

hey guys! I had a really fun flight from LFPG-EIDW (Paris Charles de Gaulle-dublin) today!
enjoy the photos! (I just want to say this was one of my best landings and I’m so so so SO happy with it so if u wouldent mind enjoying that photo the most that would be great 😉
flight: LFPG-EIDW
flight time: 1hr 20 mins
airline: aer lingus
aircraft: Airbus a320
will u enjoy: u better

Spawned into paris CDG! (Does anyone even care about this part?

and we’re up!

cruising at FL350 (35,000 feet)!!

decent via VNAV begun via the BAGSO1K (BAGS1K) arrival!

short final onto rw28L!

this was my best landing on IF ever!!

welcome to Dublin!

I hope u enjoy the pics!

and remeber to give the landing photo as much love as we will give the a330 rework

what was ur fav photo?
  • the boring beginning one
  • the takeoff one
  • the cruising one
  • the decent one
  • ✨the landing one✨
  • the arrived at gate one

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Just something I’ve noticed and thought I would share, I cannot see the photos, I understand they are night time photos, but I can’t see within them.

For example I am able to see the cabin lights, but other than that, I can’t actually tell.

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ah, sorry! I will improve on that next time!