A fun flight in the 172

Hey all!

After waiting so long to get a slot, I finally managed to head up in the beautiful 172 and get some flying in.

Originally, the plan was to head up and practice maneuvers for my solo “check ride” where I head up with an different instructor who verifies that I’m ready to solo. I solo in March (when I finally become old enough).

Unfortunately, winds were pretty crazy. HPN winds were at 20G27. So we decided to head out East of the airport and hope that winds died down… they didn’t. Check this out. 37 knot winds.

37 isn’t typically bad on cruise but it was gusty and turbulent. So I made the call to do no maneuvers.

Check it out!

To preface these photos, let me tell you that there
is nothing to worry about. I have become the master of using my right hand to take photos using the volume buttons while I fly the plane with my left hand. Never use two hands on the yoke! Also, my instructor was fine with it.

We had planned to head back to land but my instructor had nothing to do and I wanted to procrastinate my homework as long as possible before staying up until midnight tonight regretting my choices and stuffing myself with mint ice cream. Wow, that was a run on sentence if I’ve ever seen one.

So basically, my instructor leaned back to relax on his phone and I explored. It was bumpy but beautiful.

So with my instructor engrossed in his instagramming or whatever, it was time to have fun!

It snowed on Saturday and wow… it’s beautiful!

I mean, check this out! There was a good chunk of “area” where we were out of airspace, so we could do whatever.

Winds were strong, so we tried to go as slow as possible over the highway.

I mean, the sun reflecting on the water was stunning!

So I hope you enjoyed these photos! I have a bunch more but they really weren’t the best.

I’ll be flying again soon, as I increase my lesson load pre-solo.

Until the next time, see you around!


Looks like a fun flight! I managed a fly around in the 152 yesterday, also came as my new profile picture. The one thing I love about Cessna’s is how they are so easy to control with just a touch of trim!

If you think a 152 is light on the controls try flying a robin dr40. Moving to stick after ppl was best thing I ever did. Beautiful coordination of maneuvers.

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Wow! What an experience! That looks like fun!

My instructor said the same thing and it makes sense why. Planes are touchy meaning it doesn’t require a hard input on the control surfaces for it to do what you want it to do. If you use two hands you run the risk of over correcting which could be bad.

Absolutely. Besides the instinct to fight the controls, your right hand needs to be free. It’ll be there to pretty much control every aircraft system.

Using two hands commonly causes the “death grip”. People holding onto the yoke for dear life. It causes “clunky” motions which are not good for aircraft control.

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So like basically how I land/takeoff in Infinite Flight one hand holding iPad another hand scrolling Snapchat/Instagram.

It’s sweet that you call them landings… we were all in the uncontrolled crashing phase once, you’re just a slow learner 😘

Yeah I looked at a HR200 as I was booked on it originally. I thought it looked too simple, I know I’ll have to fly it sometime but I don’t really like the look of the stick, I’m a more hands on guy and love a yoke.

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