A Fun Cargo Flight

Today I flew with the YouTuber Captain Ry, and we also flew with some viewers. We flew from RCTP - KLAX (Taipei to Los Angeles) on EVA Air 777-F’s. A special thanks to @MiglMicheal @Aaron_pilotx1 @Captain_Ry and Fly Wings (couldn’t find tag) for flying this route! Now for the pictures!

Here we are parked at the gates in Taipei, loading up our cargo.

Here I am rotating out of Taipei on 23R.

Beautiful views from 36,000 feet!

Starting my initial descent into Los Angeles.

Buttering the bread on runway 6L!

Here is Myself, Ry, and Aaron parked at the gates.

And finally here is Miguel and Fly Wings parked at the gates also!

I hoped you enjoyed these photos! Make sure to go check out @Captain_Ry YouTube channel!

Let me know below what your favorite photo was!

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Glad to fly with you! Had an awesome flight! :)


Ey my guy it was a pleasure had a great flight

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+1 for some cargo love. Great pics!


It’s was a fun flight and awesome photos man

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We all love reverse thrust at the gate.

Nice phots!

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Replay mode sure is special lol