A Full Plane in the World of COVID-19? Onboard Delta's Only Daily Flight to Amsterdam

In an era where planes are almost completely empty, I found one that seems to be an exception…DL flight 72, the carrier’s only daily trip between the US and AMS. On the day I flew this route (April 6th, 2020), 286 seats were filled on an A330 that seats 293.

Flight Information:
Airline: Delta Air Lines
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Fuel Load: 52,236 kgs
Fuel Burn: 5,093 kgs/hr
Percent MTOW: 90.32
Flight Time: 7 Hours 40 Minutes
Server: Expert

Loading up at F2 for departure.

On Runway Two-Seven-Right.

All 217 tonnes of A330 now airborne!

All cleaned up following the PLMMR2 Departure. (Takeoff N1 = 97%, Climb N1 = 93%)

Over long island riding the winds. (Cruise profile: FL350/370 M.83)

Sunset over the Western Atlantic.

Good Morning Europe from 37,000 ft!

On final to the Polderbaan.

Off centreline but on the marker. Welcome to Amsterdam.

Parking brake set at Pier D, Gate 7.


Nice shots bud!