A Frontier Virtual Series | American Adventures | Leg 2 | @ KSEA | 22JUN2100Z19

A Frontier Virtual Event Series

To kick things off here at Frontier Virtual, we thought this would be a perfect chance to explore our home country, America! In this series, we will start in Denver, (Our Hub), and fly to some of our destinations. From Las Vegas to Cancun, you won’t get bored! Let’s hop across the country in Leg 2, and fly to Cleveland!

Server: Expert

Airport: KSEA

Time: 2019-06-22T20:00:00Z

Aircraft: A320 - One of the 5 Frontier Liveries


Spawn at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time

Act professionally, and be respectful to other pilots

Frontier Virtual pilots that participate in this event will receive 1.5x flight time!

Frontier Virtual pilots must use their FFT callsigns

Pilots not a part of Frontier Virtual can use their own callsigns

When requesting a gate, please provide all of the details below.

What gate would you like?

What will your callsign be?

Are you a Frontier Virtual Pilot?

Your request should look a little something like this:

I’ll take (Requested Gate). My callsign is (your callsign) and I (am/am not) an FFT pilot.

Gate Pilot Callsign FFT Pilot?
Gate B01 @InfiniteNick FFT001
Gate B03 @Airbus_737 FFT002
Gate B04 @JeromeJ Frontier 174
Gate B05 @Philippe_Gilbert Frontier 2148
Gate B06 @Game_player FFT010
Gate B08 @Dylan_M FFT009
Gate B09 @Ben_Murtagh1 Frontier 582
Gate B10
Gate B11
Gate B12
Gate B14
Gate B15

The Legs That We Will Be Flying In This Series!

Denver-Seattle ✅
Cancun-St Louis
St Louis- Las Vegas
Las Vegas-Chicago
Chicago- Phoenix
Phoenix-San Francisco
San Francisco-Denver

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We strive to offer the best Virtual Airline experience in Infinite Flight. With our small staff team, you’ll easily know all of them right when entering our Slack, and you’ll immediately feel a part of the Frontier Family. We have a diverse number of routes, stretching as far north as Canada, and to your favorite vacation destinations with a low fare. Remember, pilots, there is always an animal on your tail.

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I’d like B03 call sign N304BI



You’ve got B03. See you there!

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I’ll have a gate, callsign Frontier Flight 174

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I’ll take gate B02. My callsign is frontier 655 and I am not a FFT pilot

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B04 Please FFT010 FVA Pilot

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I’ve gone in order of your replies, to make things easier.

@JeromeJ, you have B04

@Max_Menegazzi, you have B05

@Game_player, you have B06

See you all there!


Thanks, see you there

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I’ll have a gate, FFT009 please & thanks!

ill have a gate callsine frontier 582


@Dylan_M, you have B08.

@Ben_Murtagh1, you have B09.

See you all there!


I cannot join, sorry

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No Worries! Hope to see you at one of the next legs.

I would like a gate. Callsign: Frontier flight 2148

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You have B05. See you there!


Something sudden came up, I can no longer attend


No worries! Hope to see you at one of the other legs!