A Frontier Virtual Series | American Adventures | Leg 1 | @KDEN | 08JUN2300Z19

A Frontier Virtual Event Series

To kick things off here at Frontier Virtual, we thought this would be a perfect chance to explore our home country, America! In this series, we will start in Denver, (Our Hub), and fly to some of our destinations. From Las Vegas to Cancun, you won’t get bored! Lets kick things off and fly to Seattle!

The Legs That We Will Be Flying In This Series!

Cancun-St Louis
St Louis- Las Vegas
Las Vegas-Chicago
Chicago- Phoenix
Phoenix-San Francisco
San Francisco-Denver

Server: Expert

Airport: KDEN

Time: 2019-06-08T22:00:00Z

Aircraft: A320 - One of the 5 Frontier Liveries

Route: KDEN - KSEA

Spawn at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time

Act professionally, and be respectful to other pilots

Frontier Virtual pilots that participate in this event will receive 1.5x flight time!

Frontier Virtual pilots must use their FFT callsigns

Pilots not a part of Frontier Virtual can use their own callsigns

When requesting a gate, please provide all of the details below.

What gate would you like?

What will your callsign be?

Are you a Frontier Virtual Pilot?

Your request should look a little something like this:

I’ll take (Requested Gate). My callsign is (your callsign) and I (am/am not) an FFT pilot.

Gate Pilot Callsign FFT Pilot?
Gate A22 @Kacey FFT004
Gate A24 @Airbus_737 FFT002
Gate A26 @Niccckk FFT001
Gate A27 @Leo_Albaner Frontier 5407
Gate A28 @anon82246052 FFT007
Gate A29 @Philippe_Gilbert Frontier Flight 145
Gate A30 @Game_player FFT010
Gate A31 @Kzn_Star Frontier Flight 006
Gate A32
Gate A33
Gate A34
Gate A35
Gate A36
Gate A37
Gate A38
Gate A39
Gate A40
Gate A41
Gate A42
Gate A43
Gate A44
Gate A45
Gate A46
Gate A47
Gate A48
Gate A49
Gate A50
Gate A51
Gate A52
Gate A53
Gate A56
Gate A60
Gate A71
Gate A73
Gate A75
Gate A77
Gate A79
Gate A81
Gate A83
Gate A85
Gate A87

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We strive to offer the best Virtual Airline experience in Infinite Flight. With our small staff team, you’ll easily know all of them right when entering our Slack, and you’ll immediately feel a part of the Frontier Family. We have a diverse number of routes, stretching as far north as Canada, and to your favorite vacation destinations with a low fare. Remember, pilots, there is always an animal on your tail.

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I’ll would take the Gate A27, my callsign is: Frontier5704, what do you mean with FFT Pilot ?

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FFT is basically shortening Frontier Virtual. So, if you are an FFT pilot, you are a Frontier Virtual Pilot.

You have A27. See you there!

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I’ll take a gate! FFT007



Thanks for signing up! You have A28. See you there!

Where are you flying to from Denver?

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They are flying to Seattle.

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Stand by, let me choose a gate.

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What’s weird is that most of the flights are done with the A321 IRL. May I fly with that?

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Frontier has 3 flight per day from Denver to Seattle. 1 of these 3 is operated by the A321. Because of this, I’ll allow you to use the A321 for this leg.

Ok great. I will take a gate
I am not a member of FFT
My callsign will be Frontier Flight 145

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Hi Again,

Thanks for signing up! You have A29. See you there!

You may add my callsign too

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I’ll take gate A30. My callsign is Delta 1638 and I am not an FFT pilot (wish I was though).

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Thanks for signing up! You have A30. See you there!

This is like the 4th event I’ve seen on June 8th, haha.


Hello I’d like to join!


What will your callsign be for the flight?

Hello! My call sign during this flight will be FFT006.


Thanks for signing up! You have A31. See you there!