A Friendly Reminder - Conduct On The Expert Server

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This shouldn’t need to be said, but it seems as though it does.

Over the past 24 hours or so of flying, I have been CONSTANTLY forced to go-around due to other aircraft either deciding they’re going to take off when I’m on short final, or that they’re going to just stop their 747 with their a** end still on the runway.

If you are flying on the expert server, please conduct yourself in such a manner. Just because there is no active ATC at an airport, does not mean that’s a free pass to move around the airport with no regard to other pilots. The Expert Server is for serious players only, and rules are strictly enforced. If you’re not familiar with the rules, I strongly recommend you check out tutorials on the Infinite Flight forum and practicing on the Training Server before entering the Expert Server.

I’ll also use this opportunity to remind you that Infinite Flight does have “ghost mods”, people with regular player tags who have the power to ghost others not abiding by the rules.

As we enjoy the new updated scenery in Infinite Flight over the next few days, please take this into consideration when deciding how you will conduct yourself and which server you will enter, for the good of both yourself and other pilots.


Good reminder! I can’t believe people would do that on EXPERT. Thanks so much. This is much needed.

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I can definitely agree! NTAA this morning was a treacherous sight…

Also, to add to what was already said. Hold short line is made to prevent an aircraft which is ready for takeoff stopping too close to the runway. It should mean almost nothing to those exiting the runway! Make sure all parts of your aircraft are beyond this line!

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