A friendly reminder about "bumping"

We have recently seen an increase in thread bumping. “bumping” is the act of replaying to a thread that has been inactive for a short time with a pointless topic for the sole purpose of making the thread active to increase visibility, or “bumping” it to the top of the list.

Replying with “bumping this” or any post that is off-topic and/or doesn’t contribute to the conversation will be flagged as spam and the post removed. Please keep in mind that these flags count towards your profile for those of you trying to increase trust levels.

Additionally, keep in mind that the moderation team reviews every flag and if they deem a flag to not be warranted it will be declined. Declined flags will not count towards your record and the post will be un-hidden.

We are a very large and active community. If a feature request or thread is not getting the attention you wish, bumping the topic does not historically result in more votes or replies and just clogs the thread. The bigger question you should ask yourself is why are you bumping it to begin with? Is the original post not detailed enough to generate interest in the community? Is it a duplicate or something that has already been talked about by the devs as something that is in progress or not able to be done?

Thank you for your continuing efforts to keep the forum free from clutter.


Thanks @Chris_S! For letting us all know. I’ll look out for this 👍

Hosting isn’t free 😉

Thank you for clearing this up Chris. While I do find myself guilty of constantly bumping my feature requests and events, I do think it would be slightly helpful to bump your topics every once in a while with something actually meaningful to discuss. Just my $0.02


Yeah I am not saying not to reply, just use your words :)


I bumped one of my feature requests 5 days ago I believe after it hadn’t been touched in 28 days (almost a month), and it got some more attention (2 votes). In the end, my post was flagged, but I don’t exactly see the problem with it since it hadn’t been touched in a month. I do understand not to constantly do it, which I try not to, but I think once in a while is ok :)

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@GlobalFlyer1 That runs counter to what the op just said. nd your a regular.

Im pointing this is out because it’s never good for the forum to see a moderator undermined by a reg. Even if it wasn’t your intention please try to avoid the appearance of it.

I’m aware of that…

I’m not undermining him, simply stating my opinion. I don’t think it’s fair to state that I can’t say what I believe is fine (not trying to cause an argument or anything), but I don’t think it’s ok to say that.

But what I’m trying to say is that I believe it’s fine to do it sometimes (not saying 1 time every day is sometimes, but something like 1 time a month is ok in my opinion).


We can talk about this more in a pm

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Thanks Chris!
I try to always have a meaningful comment and not say “Just bumping”


Then you can PM me if you’d like to continue.

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A very helpful post indeed. I’ve seen a fair share of these “bumping” posts. In the past I’ve always been tactical about how I go about bringing attention to my feature requests.

One of them is stating previously unmentioned facts about the feature. It avoids the mindless “bumping” message and actually positively contributes to the post revealing things some people might not know about the feature.

Thank you @Chris_S for this important topic. I was searching a comment about “how to bump a topic rapidity” and I find most comments are “Bumping this…” but now, I will stop with these unnecessary “bumping” comments. :-)

My point is that is there anything else you can say of value to your topic instead of “Bumping this”? Maybe a complete sentence? Or an additional fact that you found?

The same logic applies to people who use fillers for simply saying “k”. Say something like “Thanks for the advice. I will do that next time”


Oh, now I understand. My apologies, I thought you weren’t allowing it all which is what I was trying to say.



Thanks for letting us know and keeping the forum clean Chris!

And that is when I know it is time to close. If you have questions, PM a moderator. :)

To summarize and answer questions, I am not saying bumping is not allowed.

  • Bumping a thread with a well thought out comment that is relative to the topic, that’s fine.
  • Replying with “slight bump” or something similar that is providing no value - not cool.