A Friendly Note Regarding Conduct on the Forum

Hey! Hope everyone’s getting excited for the Holidays. Just wanted to publish a note regarding conduct.

Over the past few days, we’ve had an influx of new members joining the forum. Welcome, we’re so happy to have you!!

I’d like to remind my fellow members who have been around for a while on kindness. Often times, when new members have a question about something, how the forum works, etc. I’ve seen condescending and rude responses. No need to get annoyed, no need to get worked up, etc. We were all in the shoes of a new member at one point, unsure of what to do/how things work. How would you have felt if you had gotten a bunch of condescending or rude responses to a question? I’m sure not too happy. To those of you firing off these rude messages, quit it. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. If someone asks a question that could easily be answered by searching, kindly point them to the search function. Or, if you know the answer, why don’t you tell them? Let’s make the IFC a positive and welcoming place for all.

Thanks for the read and Happy Holidays to all.


Nice of you to put a topic regarding this.
I also wanted to pin this topic here, as I have seen an increase in the number of people asking this question.


Very well said. Thanks @RTG113


Thank you so much for putting this out there. I’ve talked to a couple of users about this, helping them along the way because they seem to always get overpowered by some members who want nothing to do with them. I feel like these new users are not being welcomed with open arms and they gain a poor first impression of the IFC as a result. Thank you for making this known to everyone here.


I concur with the above


Yeah I know. This has happened very recently on a YT video and lots of people are all being snarky about it in the comments. I will not link the video, but it just goes to show how a minority of people can be very rude sometimes.


Agreed. Even if it’s just a minority, it can set a bad first impression of the IFC for new members.


Great message. Often times too many current users seem to think that new users are educated about the forum the same way they are. Please, be more lenient with them. It’s not the end of the world if a format is off. Always choose kindness guys; it goes a long way.


Also the new users are probably here to get TL2 for Beta.

To the users, the update is only a few weeks away. And Open Beta is not a thing you should use to just see new features and fly new planes, it’s testing. There will be issues with it.

It’s great to have you, but it’s not worth creating unnecessary topics, liking random posts, or posting unnecessary replies to get in Open Beta. It clogs up the forum, and the forum is already hard to manage with over 40000 users. It makes Mods jobs a lot harder.

Keep in mind IFCs TL2 Requirements are different for Discourse’s. Keep being helpful, active and you will get there.


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