A friend can’t get his pro sub back

So my friend Andrew has purchased pro subscription for $80 or charged his account but he can’t get in. He also had the beta would that have anything to do with it?

You mean he can’t get into his account? Try pressing log-in, then with Infinite Flight, and IF should detect the subscription.

Did he purchase the subscription in beta, and is he on iOS?

If he’s on beta, see this reply from Cameron. It should be fixed when IF launches on the stores.


In addition to what was said earlier, I suggest Andrew makes his own account on the IFC if he has an issue so we can communicate directly to him. This avoids the whole trouble with ‘Chinese whispers’ where some information may be lost since he’s communicating through you.

If he’s not on Beta and does not wish to make an account, please direct him to email support@infiniteflight.com to recieve official support from Seb.

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He has an iOS device

Easy you CAN NOT get a subscription if you have beta. Please read the blog article. https://infiniteflight.com/blog/infinite-flight-20-2-open-beta/

In the article it says " iOS users will NOT be able to purchase subscriptions in the beta version of the app. To use Infinite Flight Pro in beta, you must already have an active subscription purchased in an App Store version of the app, and have the app installed prior to downloading from TestFlight. This beta program is not a way to try Infinite Flight Pro for free."

Andrew already had a sub previous to beta. When beta came out he only had a week or two left till his sub ended. He is trying to renew it. Is that possible?

Its easier for us to speak with Andrew instead of working through you with him relaying information and vis versa. Thanks.