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Great to see a new applicant! Good Luck!!!


Staffing Changes + New Vacancies.

In the last couple of weeks, we have experienced staffing changes, and this has allowed for a couple of vacant positions. So here they are!

Open Positions

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Pilot
Recruitment Manager
Routes Manager

We have been changing these positions and making a new ones. To make Ryanair Virtual more efficient and make it a joy to fly here!

First Patrick left us a couple of weeks ago as school is catching up with him. Jorn is still staff at FRVA! He is now head of internal affairs! Meaning Chief Pilot is available. And yes we did recruit a COO as well! His name is Khyden Bennett! But we have some sad news @Rian_OShea the CEO of Ryanair Virtual is leaving and staying a pilot. Meaning @khyden_bennett Will be CEO! Rian shall still be around he is just leaving as he has lots of important other things to do in his life.

Interested? Apply here taking this link. If you get accepted you shall receive a DM from Ryanair virtual IFC account!

Have a great day wherever you are!
-Ryanair VA team


Could I also say people can apply if they are not in ryanair virtual already! So please dont be afraid to apply if you are not in ryanair virtual!


😂 Sorry I had to leave but good luck in future!!! 👍



New Ryanair virtual updated thread!

Welcome to Ryanair Virtual’s updated thread!

Our new staff members! Their testimonials are below!

Khyden Bennett Chief Executive officer @khyden_bennett
Joseph Seabourne Chief Operations Officer @InfiniteFlightDeck
Jorn Groen Head Of Internal Affairs @JornGroen
Alfie Hunt Chief Pilot @Alfie_Hunt
Luke O`Callaghan Recruitment Manager @EICK

Khyden Bennett - CEO

Hello everyone! My name is Khyden Bennett and I love aviation and everything around it! I live in England and I am part south African. My favourite food is chocolate and I have the amazing staff team to work with at Ryanair Virtual! If you would like to message me you can find me in the Ryanair virtual slack or on the IFC @khyden_bennett! Stay safe and enjoy your day!

Joseph Seabourne - COO

Hey, I’m Joseph, newly COO at Ryanair Virtual. Firstly, I’m very privileged to have been given this position for such a great virtual airline. Ryanair has been a firm favourite of mine for a while now, so it brings me great pride to be a part of the VA. I hope to do great things for this VA; bring my knowledge of Ryanair’s real-world standard operating procedures and the Boeing 737 to our pilots, bridge the gap between our pilots and the community, and so much more!
One of the many things I love about FRVA and Ryanair as a whole is the massive route network and variety. As you move through the ranks, you’ll get the chance to visit countless places and fly thousands of different routes. And it’s not all the boring stuff like Heathrow and Charles De Gaulle that everyone has been to a million times before. We fly almost everywhere else, all those small, unique, sometimes challenging, and always fun destinations! From Scandinavia to the Canaries, Ireland to Turkey, cities, beaches, and airports nestled in valleys, Europe and our network has got to be the most diverse out there! It never gets old.
Thank you, Khyden, and everyone at FRVA for giving me this opportunity, and I hope if you aren’t with us already, you’ll consider joining this fab VA. We can’t wait to have you on board!

Alfie Hunt - Chief Pilot

Hi, my name is Alfie! I am a chief pilot here at ryanair virtual. At ryanair, everyone’s friendly and up for a chat! With a vast route network you will never run out of route possibilities.

Jorn Groen - Head Of Internal Affairs

Hey! I am Jorn I am the Head Of Internal Affairs at Ryanair Virtual! I love my job and what i do to help others! I am an avgeek who lives in Appledorn in the Netherlands. You can message me on the FR slack or on the IFC! Stay safe!

Luke O`Callaghan - Recruitment Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Luke, I was COO at Ryanair Virtual before but stepped down as i wanted some time off being COO. And now I am the recruitment manager! I love my job helping people join Ryanair Virtual! I am 14 i live in Ireland and want to become a pilot when im older! Message me on the FR slack or on the IFC! Stay safe!


Here at Ryanair Virtual we use slack as our messaging channels and where pilots can communicate and show everyone where they have been! When you join you will be given a invite link when you have completed our pilot exam. Then you shall be greeted with greetbot who will give you some usefull and handy information


With callsigns at Ryanair Virtual, we have had to change them due to the 20.2 update on infinite flight. So the callsign will look like this: Ryanair XXX VA

Crew Centre

With logging flights at Ryanair Virtual, we have completely changed it. We now use a crew centre called PHP VMS. It is more efficient than Airtable. We do update our crew centre regularly and makes it peace of mind for staff and pilots to use.


Flight School

So Ryanair Virtual have released flight school! This means people who are grade 2 and want to join Ryanair Virtual they can! On the application form just select grade 2 and go from there! @Alfie_Hunt Will be leading flight school and if you are interested becoming a trainer here at Ryanair virtual to help others to get to being a pilot please message @khyden_bennett! He shall be happy to help you. Also if you want to apply for the flight school but grade 3 or above, please go ahead and apply for the flight school! Here the training will consist of:

  • Theory

  • Doing flights with the instructor

  • Flying a range of aircrafts (this is good if you want to join other VA`s)

  • Doing some pattern work and some flights on the training server and go around’s.

That concludes all of the training at Ryanair Virtual!

Applying at Ryanair Virtual could not be any easier!

Here are the requirements!

  • Have a valid IFC account, in good standing.

  • Have a valid e-mail address.

  • Have access to Slack and PHP VMS.

  • Be 13 years of age or older.

  • Be able to log a flight at least once a month.

  • Own an Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

  • Be able to pass a written exam.

  • Be Grade 2 or higher.

  • Have no more than three level 3 violations in the past 12 months.

  • Have at least 80 hours of flight time in the simulator.

  • Have a violation to landings ratio no more than 25%.

Thank you for reading this thread! If you want to apply please click here!

Ryanair Virtual is in no way affiliated with the real world Ryanair.

All used logos and registered trademarks are property of Ryanair Holdings plc, under license from Ryanair Holdings plc.

© Ryanair Virtual


Very nice. Great to be back as staff again. Hopefully as we have now opened up to grade 2 pilots we should have a few more applications. Great work @khyden_bennett on this thread and I can’t wait to start working for this wonderful virtual airline again!

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Thanks @EICK (:

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Great Work on sorting out everything fellas! 👍

Great to see you back Luke 😂


Thank you everyone! (: Sometime in a couple of days time there will be some more info on codeshares! So look out!

We are so pleased to be codeshared with such a fantastic VA!

Vueling Virtual


Wow amazing to see you guys in 20.2! Buttery smooth landings are certifyed here!