A Fresh Start Is The Way To Go | Ryanair Virtual Official Thread


Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing very well. We have receiived loads of pilot appplications, and have received feedback on the process.
We have seen many things about the test being too hard. Therefore, we have decided to make the pass mark 7 out of 10. All applicants who scored 7 or higher on their initial exam will be contacted as soon as possible.
Please be patient! We are currently processing many applications at the same time, so please show some consideration.

Have a nice rest of your day!
@Rian16, CEO and Founder at Ryanair Virtual


Looking forward for the future of this VA!

I will consider joining Ryanair Virtual of course. This is an Airline I Fly most of the time, in the real world and virtually. Nice thread, and great work Rian & the rest of the staff team! image 👏


Thank you, Kuba. Much appreciated.

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congrats @Ryanair_Virtual ill be busy with 2 VAs happy im going to be flying in ryanair colours now

Love from your EIVA buddy Josh EIVA122



It has been just over 48 hours since we have opened pilot applications, and we could not be happier with so much interest in Ryanair Virtual.
In the past two days we have dealt with 33 pilot applications, 20 of which are already flying for us.
As a staff team we would like to thank everyone, whether you have joined, or are just scrolling through the thread. It really means so much to us as a team that we have come this far. I highly doubt that me(@Rian16), @Vortex, @Sharan.Somayaji or @JornGroen could have imagined we would have gotten this far one month ago.

Thank you


Opening Event!

We are proud to announce that our opening event will be held in just over a week. Based on previous turnouts it should be quite big, which is an amazing way to start Ryanair VA! We hope to see many familiar faces from the IFC on Saturday, July 25th.


just finished the application form


Sponsoring another event

We are very proud to announce that we are going to be sponsoring another event. This time it isnt a holiday destination. Hopefully this event will be as successful as the last one. Hopefully we will see many of the IFC members there.

23AUG20 / 1400Z - The Great Hibernian Flyout @ EIDW

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Almost 1 month on from our IFVARB approval, we are really having a great time a d really enjoying the wide variety of routes that Ryanair has to offer.

In the last few weeks we have grown to have a very healthy amount of pilots from every corner of the globe. We have also made links with other Virtual Airlines for codeshare agreements that will benefit all of the people involved in bringing us together. We have adapted to giving our pilots the privilege of advertising their events in our lounge area and then us as staff, put it up in the events section of our Slack server. We also give our pilots 1.5x or 2x time bonus for all of these events! Let’s get back to the codeshares now and here they are.


Vietnam Virtual were our first codeshare. It opened a whole new region for both of our pilots. With our 737-800 fleet, not forgetting the Lauda A320, our pilots can now fly the A321 and the Vietnam Airlines’ brand new fleet of A350 aircraft on short and long haul Asian routes.

We have been astonished by the amount of intrest from everyone in the community and we cant wait to welcome even more of you in the future.

Apply to us today!

Thanks for reading!


Nice work.

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Last Sunday we hosted our weekly group flight and this week we flew from LGTS (Thesaloniki)- LLGB (Tel- Aviv). We are open for applications and you can apply here. @Patrick_McCormack, @JackieChan and I took part.


Great Pictures! Very enjoyable group flight!



Staffing Changes + New Vacancies.

In the last couple of weeks, we have experienced staffing changes, and this has allowed for a vacant position.

First we ackwnoledge the leaving of two members of staff.

@Sharan.Somayaji has been our Head of Internal Affairs since day one. He is known as the most enthusiastic former staff member and pilot in the VA and has been amazing at this challenging position. Sharan decided to leave this position to make way for his education. We at Ryanair VA wish him best of luck with the rest of his higher education and we are very happy to still have you as pilot!

We quickly recruited a new Head of Internal Affairs, @Patrick_McCormack! So far, Patrick has shown great skill in his current postion, and we can’t wait to be working alongside him in the near future.

@Vortex has been our Chief Operating Officer (COO) since day one as well. He has been there to witness everything, from the creation of the Slack channels, to one of the biggest groupflights in IF. We wish him the best of luck and we are happy to have Luke as a pilot in the Slack workspace.

Open Positions

Since out COO has decided to resign, we have an open staff position, namely the COO of Ryanair VA. We are looking for:

  • Someone who meets all the basic pilot requirements.
  • Familiarity with how we operate and the VA structure.
  • Someone who is available at leat a few times a week.

Whether you have been CEO of a lot of VAs or are just new to the VA community, your application mean a lot to us.

Interested? Please PM @Rian16.

Thank you very much to @Sharan.Somayaji and @Vortex once again for their valuable contributions toward Ryanair VA.

Have a great day wherever you are!
-Ryanair VA team


Its always a sad time to see a staff member go :( i really do hope you guys can find someone suitable for the job!


I would just like to add to this that being the Head of Internal Affairs here has been an amazing experience with our superb staff team and excellent pilots!

I wish @Vortex luck in the future!

I would seriously consider joining FRVA!


Thanks everyone.

I have been here since day 1 and I loved being one of the privileged ones to be able to be a staff member at such a great VA. I bet that loads of people will want my position.

It was a very very hard decision to make but I had to put myself first and concentrate on other things for the moment.

Thank you so so much for trusting me with such big tasks, no one has ever put their trust in me like all of the staff, @Rian16, @JornGroen and @Patrick_McCormack and finnaly all of the pilots at FRVA.

Thank you very much and I hope great things come of FRVA. Best of luck in the future,


Im proud to have been accepted! Thank you!!


Good Luck!


@IF-Mallorca Your welcome! We look forward to having you! :)

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I just applied! I’m very happy to possibly be able to be a part of this great VA

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