A Fresh Start Is The Way To Go | Ryanair Virtual Official Thread

Well, I hope you can raise a bit the fame and reputation of his real counterpart, they are not that bad 😉

Congrats on approval by the IFVARB team! I wish safe flights below this VA callsign


The amount of times I’ve heard this joke…

please stop, it’s not funny, its overused, and has no meaning.

A lot of effort has gone into a VA, it shouldn’t be fair to put them down because of the real airline’s ‘rough landings’ which is an internet myth most of the time anyway.

There are many factors leading Ryanair to have infamously ‘bad’ landings, including young, inexperienced pilots, tight turnarounds etc.

We’ve all heard the joke, we all know about it, it’s about time people stop using it.


Couldn’t agree more. Welcome back Ryanair VA. Super glad to have you guys back. I’ve already applied and can’t wait to see where it takes me!


I was wondering when this would pop up. Hope to see you in the sky’s of Europe. Good luck from BAVA.


Have a read of this from my event thread if you want a super long rant about this joke. 🤣🤣

A very long spiel

I agree that the joke is overused and unfunny.
There’s many more factors such as the short 7,000ft long runways that they mostly operate in.
Also remember that Ryanair only operates the Boeing 737 which are more challenging… not those flying computers!

I have flew like 80+ flights with Ryanair and I remember only like 10 of those had hard landings.
I live in Dublin and it’s Ryanair’s second biggest hub & their HQ is located here hence why I’m forced to always fly Ryanair as Aer Lingus doesn’t even fly to Poland 🤦‍♂️


Very nice thread can’t wait to see you in the skies! 😁


Thanks to everyone who has applied. We are trying to get to all of the applications as soon as we can.

Thanks, @Vortex

Congrats lads, happy to see yous got approved, 😉

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They fly to Warsaw.


Congrats on getting approval guys!

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Congrats on your approval! Much love from Croatia Virtual Airlines!


Great thread! I’d love to join but since stupid me decided to get 4 Lv3 violations beforehand, I gotta hold off. Good Luck on this VA!


Nope they don’t, only on Christmas
Plus Warsaw is 300km away from my hometown as I’m from northern Poland whilst Warsaw is in the central part.
So I fly to Gdańsk instead which is only 120km hehe

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Wonderful thread honoured to be the first (and best) pilot in this VA 🥰


Congratulations @Ryanair_Virtual and welcome to the VA world. Great thread and can I say it’s fantastic to see another Irish VA. See you around EIDW 😉 ☘️

AerLingus VA-COO


Congratulations. The thread is so beautifully designed.


Thank you much everyone for all the kind words! We are having a great time, and we are doing very well at pilot applications. And thank you for everyone who didn’t apply if they didn’t meet the requirements; you saved yourself a waste of time:)
We are working hard on getting applications in, but we are reaching the PM limit in a certain time, so don’t be caught off guard if I send you a PM using my private account, @Rian16
We hope to see you in the skies very soon!

Happy birthday Ryanair VA. Congratulations for this amazing VA.


Oh I see, sorry.