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Welcome to the Official Ryanair Virtual IFC Thread


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We are Ryanair Virtual, established and approved in mid-2020. At Ryanair Virtual, we strive to achieve a realistic, professional and fun approach to flying, whilst maintaining a welcoming and very pleasant atmosphere for all pilots, regardless of whether you just started off as a Cadet, or have reached the “Upper Captain” rank. We promise to bring you a VA experience worth remembering.

Hello everyone, my name’s Declan. I’m sure y’all know me I’m part of a lot of VA’s. I’ve been working behind the scenes, pushing Rian to get it done. Rian is a great CEO of a great VA! Some people may say that Ryanair is all bad service and bad landings blah blah blah but this Ryanair really puts the extra mile in! The amount of routes is crazy and that Ryanair livery is just 😍. This VA will really bring out the Ryanair love in you. This will be one of the best VA’s out there so join it please! You want routes, we got that, you want activity, we got that, we got it all!

-@Declan_Mcgee, first pilot at Ryanair VA

Hello IFC. My name is Luke and I am the COO at FRVA. Aviation has been an obsession for me since I was about 6 when an Aer Lingus went around at Cork airport and flew over my house at about 2000ft. I have been hooked ever since. Some people have an idea that all Ryanair landings are bad, that isn’t true (well at least when I’m at the helm). I have been with FRVA since the very start and I absolutely love it. With the amount of Ryanair routes, you can fly for days on end. All of the staff are passionate about this VA and at Ryanair Virtual we strive to give you the most realistic experience in a virtual airline.

-@Vortex, former COO at Ryanair VA

Hey everyone, I am Sharan Somayaji. I am the Head of Internal Affairs at Ryanair Virtual! Well I love aviation and flying is my passion!!! Sometimes some of you must have seen me having terribly bad landings😜😂 but it’s clearly not my fault alright!!! I’ve been the Head of Internal Affairs at the Ryanair Virtual from the past few weeks and I’d like to say that my experience has just been fantastic, mind blowing and super amazing!! And I can tell you it’s not only because of the routes or the aircrafts that my experience has been amazing!! It’s because of the crew members present in FRVA. They are fantastic! (I’m also included, don’t leave me)…We are a group of passionate flyers present at the different parts across the globe!! I just love Ryanair Virtual ❤️ ❤️!! If you guys wanna know more about the VA or Aviation or just chat with me you can just PM me or See you at FRVA!!

-@Sharan.Somayaji, former Head of Internal Affairs at Ryanair Virtual.

At Ryanair Virtual, we have a young and enthusiastic staff team to keep things running smoothly within the VA. Learn more about who we have on the staff team below.

Role Name IFC Profile
Chief Executive Officer Rian O’Shea @Rian16
Chief Operating Officer Vacant -
Head Of Internal Affairs Patrick McCormack @Patrick_McCormack
Chief Pilot Jorn Groen @JornGroen
Rian O'Shea - CEO and Founder

Hello! I hope you are doing very well.
My name is Rian, I’m the CEO and founder here at Ryanair Virtual. I come from Ireland, and I currently am living in The Hague, The Netherlands. I really hope you like the website, and our thread. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me or another member of our wonderful staff team! I hope to see you in the skies soon, have a great day!

Patrick McCormack - Head Of Internal Affairs

Jorn Groen - Chief Pilot

Hi there! I am Jorn, a 16 year old guy from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. I am the Chief Pilot of the Ryanair VA. I hope you enjoy your time flying with the Ryanair VA. If you have any Questions, you can always message me on Slack or on the IFC, I will try to respond as soon as possible. Stay safe!

If you have any questions regarding Ryanair VA, please feel free to PM one of our staff members!


Ryanair Virtual uses Slack as our main communication platform. Slack enables us a lot of things that are very useful to us, and pilots, including airtable integration. Once pilots join, they will get a welcome message to get them started flying as soon as possible.

PIREP Filing and Pilot Statistics

We have chosen airtable for this. Airtable has a very pilot friendly interface, making PIREPs nice and easy to send in, and with pilot stats always being interesting, you will have an overview of your current progress in Ryanair Virtual.
As mentioned above, Slack has great features to integrate airtable in a channel. In a specific Slack channel, there will be a feed of PIREPs being filed throughout the day.


All pilots will be assigned a callsign upon joining Ryanair Virtual. This callsign will be used for all routes, whether it be a Ryanair, Lauda or Buzz route.
This callsign will look like this: FRVAxxx
Callsigns will not be able to be changed, as there is a certain order applicants get assigned the callsign.


With over 8200 routes to be able to fly, we have created a database featuring all our destinations with their information, and flights. Discover our routes
In this base you will find all essential information on the flights, including the flight number, aircraft ICAO, departure and arrival airport name and ICAO, departure and arrival country and flight time.
This database also has a destinations table, giving all basic information. All together, Ryanair VA flies to 263 airports in 40 countries across Europe and Northern Africa.

Route Database

Pictured is flight FR5859 on final approach into Marrakech Menara Airport, after 3 hours 20 minutes of being in the air.

We have decided to incorporate all of Ryanair’s subsidiaries in Ryanair VA. These subsidiaries each have a different story, learn more below.

Ryanair, FR

Ryanair is this VA’s main airline with the most routes and destinations out of Ryanair Holdings’ four airlines. Ryanair mainline has many hubs, the two biggest being Dublin Airport and Londonf/Stansted (EIDW and EGSS). Ryanair was founded in 1984, only flying from Waterford to London when starting up, and now is one of the biggest airlines in Europe.

Buzz, RR

Formerly known as Ryanair Sun, Buzz is one of Ryanair’s four subsidiaries. Buzz started charter operations in 2017.
In March 2020, Ryanair announced that the Airline (then called Ryanair Sun) will be rebranded to Buzz.In January 2020, Buzz commenced scheduled rotations on behalf of Ryanair, mainly flying in and out of Poland.

Malta Air, AL

In June 2019, Ryanair together with the government of Malta announced that they were going to set up a subsidiary. The subsidiary is based in Malta International Airport and has 66 scheduled routes from its hub, being flown by 118 Boeing 737-800s. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta Air’s scheduled service has not yet started properly, so for the time being, Malta Air is not fully functional in Ryanair Virtual.

Lauda, OE

Otherwise known as Laudamotion, Lauda is one of Ryanair’s four subsidiaries, based in Austria.
In 2004, Lauda was founded, then being called Amira Air, and operated charter flights in Europe.In 2016, a former F1 racer named Nikolaus Lauda took over the charter airline, and renamed it to Laudamotion.In March 2018, Ryanair Holdings announced it would acquire almost 25% of Laudomotion, further increasing to 75% in the following August. Ryanair fully acquired Laudamotion in December 2018. Currently, Lauda operate A320s, in the Lauda livery. Ryanair plans to replace the Toulouse-manufacturered jets with 737s soon.

Ryanair boasts a fleet of 467 aircraft, used to fly to our countless destinations. Most of the fleet consists of Boeing 737-800s and a couple of Airbus 320s.
These aircraft all have a reworked cockpit, along with highly realistic physics in the simulator.

Boeing 737-800

The Boeing 737-800 is the aircraft that dominates our fleet, with 441 out of the 467 being the Seattle-manufacturerd plane. Ryanair, Malta Air and Buzz operate a Boeing 737-800 only fleet.

Aircraft characteristics

Cruise speed: M 0.78 / 960 km/h
Service Ceiling: 41,000ft
Range: 4,000nm / 7,410 km
MTOW: 78,245kg / 172,500lbs
MLW: 65,320kg / 144,000lbs

Wingspan: 35m / 113ft
Length: 35.9m / 129ft

Airbus A320-200

Lauda currently operates an Airbus A320-only fleet. Ryanair plans to replace the Airbus planes with Ryanair Boeing 737-800s. Due to the lack of livery in Infinite Flight, we will use the ‘generic’ livery on routes operated by A320s.

Aircraft characteristics

Cruise speed: M 0.78 / 960 km/h
Service Ceiling: 39,800ft
Range: 3,078nm / 5.700 km
MTOW: 77,000kgs / 169,756lbs
MLW: 64,500kgs / 142,198lbs

Wingspan: 34,09m / 112ft
Length: 35,57m / 123ft

At Ryanair Virtual, we have seven pilot ranks, all being unlocked by a set of requirements. We like to keep the rank structure simple, allowing for a relaxed pilot experience.

Rank Requirements Unlocks
Cadet Accepted application Routes under 1h30m, hub of your choice, only Ryanair mainline routes.
Second Officer 4 Hours logged flight time Routes under 2h30m, access to all hubs (within airline restrictions), routes of the week (ROTW), Buzz routes.
First Officer 18 Hours logged flight time Routes under 3h30m, Malta Air routes.
Junior Captain 45 Hours logged flight time Lauda routes, you now have access to all of Ryanair VA’s routes excluding historical.
Captain 70 hours logged flight time, ability to pass an advanced written exam
Senior Captain 175 Hours logged flight time Historic routes (work in progress).
Upper Captain 380 Hours logged flight time

Thank you for your interest in applying! Please read through the following before sending in an application.


Pilots must:

  • Have a valid IFC account, in good standing.
  • Have a valid e-mail address.
  • Have access to Slack and Airtable.
  • Be 13 years of age or older.
  • Be able to log a flight at least once a month.
  • Own an Infinite Flight Pro subscription.
  • Be able to pass a written exam.
  • Be Grade 3 or higher.
  • Have no more than three level 3 violations in the past 12 months.
  • Have at least 80 hours of flight time in the simulator.
  • Have a violation to landings ratio no more than 25%.

Checks will be done on whether applicant has been honest in their application. Applicants have to be able to prove they have met certain requirements.

Application Process

Once pilots have filled out the application form and taken the test, they will be contacted on the IFC, letting the applicant know their score. Based on whether the applicant has passed or not, we will ask you to confirm your e-mail adres, allowing us to add you to our Slack workspace.
When pilots have successfully joined Ryanair VA, they will not have to complete check flights. However, new recruits are subject to be ‘checked’ when flying or on the ground. These checks are done randomly, and are just to make sure pilots are behaving whilst flying under the FRVA callsign. If a member of staff is doubtful about their performance, it will be brought up with other staff, and the pilot will be asked to schedule a quick check flight.

Apply now!

On behalf of Ryanair Virtual, we thank you very much for checking out our thread, we hope to have you aboard. Have an amazing rest of your day!

Ryanair Virtual is in no way affiliated with the real world Ryanair.
All used logos and registered trademarks are property of Ryanair Holdings plc, under license from Ryanair Holdings plc.
© Ryanair Virtual


Really nice thread guys! Amazing congratulations on approval


Amazing, congratulations!


@Sashaz55 and @EdCruz thank you! We are very happy to be here today:)


Nicely done, Ryanair! Love from Malaysia Airlines.


Congrats guys on your approval. Will be nice to have a bit of traffic at Dublin between yourselves and us here at EIVA✈


Great thread and wonderful layout! Wishing you every success!

Cheers :)


Great thread! Makes me almost want to fly Ryanair. Great job!

oh my gosh… how long did it take to get all of them routes together…


Thank you for those kind words, we hope to see you in the skies soon, despite us being on the other sides of the world:)

Thank you, Jack. We are looking forward to seeing you in the sky as well.

Thank you for those kind words! It means a lot to us.

Thank you! Took time and patience, also a little money:)
Staff really was a great help when compiling the database.


Now that is determination ;)


Nice thread! Glad to see Ryanair Virtual back in the skies!

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Nice thread guys! I hope all goes well in the future!

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Thank you! We sure are happy to be here as well.

Thank you very much! Things are going great at the moment:)


Congratulations Rian!

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Thank you, Vinne! We will get in touch with you shortly.


Yesss Rian I know how hard you’ve worked on this! Congrats!


I will be applying very soon! Love Ryanair 😍


Hey so I applied a while ago before you were approved and it won’t let me submit a form again.

Edit: I think I got it to work. Sorry if I have 2 applications


Already sent applications,can’t wait to join


Hello everyone.
I am so proud to be staff at this VA. It has been a long road but we got there in the end and we look forward to welcoming you onboard Ryanair Virtual very soon.To Anybody who has sent an application. We will get to you as soon as we can. We just have a lot of them Thanks so much for your intrest