A french government test plane possibly

On FlightRadar, there is a very low unidentified plane.

Of course it shows up as a 737 because it’s actual type is unknown.

Departing Toulouse

Could be an Airbus prototype

Or a crashing plane!!
Let’s check the news.

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Pilots be like ohhhh s***!


It’s gone off flight radar

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Sadly I need to confirm that an unidentified plane has disappeared near Toulouse and most likely has crashed. The trajectory of the plane was like this as I monitored it:

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I’m quite sure nothing has crashed.


Then what is with its weird trajectory? And it’s disappearance from FlightRadar24?

I suppose it’s not a plane.

Then why does it have a registration.
A non-plane vehicle does not have a registration. Or at least it should not be registered F-GVUY.

Hi just to point out that just because a plane disappeares off flightradar does not mean it has crashed . Most small unidentifiable aircraft on flight radar are on there by using something called mode s . This requires many mode s receivers on the ground, if a plane gets to low flight radar can’t accurately plot its position so takes it of the map. This happens when almost all turboprops go in for landing. Also I just found it


Yeah because the Airbus have is in france

Do you have live?

It can’t not be a test aircraft nor a government aircraft. The registration means it is an ultra-light aircraft based in France. Light aircraft are almost never displayed on flight radar, that’s because most do not have an ADB-S. When they actually are displayed, it not an uncommon thing to disappear due to the limited coverage of Flight Radar 24.

So, this one is just someone having fun over our great country. By the way, if you check the squawk, you will likely see 7000 or another normal code.


Yeah…no. For those who think fr24 is 100% or even 90% accurate, it’s not. If it was, a bunch of planes crash into my house.


Na they’re just testing the elevators. It seems to have landed.
##Did they snap off!?

Honestly I wouldn’t trust FlightRadar24, I saw an a320 climbing at 32,000 fpm…

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no news. oh well. don’t trust FR24

No sadly because I play so slot now dqys

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