A forums feature

Hello IFC, I think this will be a nice feature to have on the forums.image

Whenever I open threads like this, I have to scroll all the up the see the original post. What I’m thinking is that we can add a “up” button similar to the down button so that people like me don’t have to scroll all the way up. Hope this gets added. :)

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You can always use the slide bar. ;)

Plus, this is a Discourse feature and is out of Infinite Flight’s control. To request discourse features, please visit meta.discourse.com.


Hi, just tap the blue box and then you can scroll to anywhere in the thread using the slide bar fast and easily

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Really? I never knew that! Thanks I’ll try that out.

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Let us know if you figure it out!

Thanks for the help! This thread can be closed now (only after 2 mins haha).

No problem!