A formation of F-22's Just flew over my house!

They were flying in formation over my house and are probably doing a flyover at Citi Field in NY or most likely going to Fleet Week in Manhattan


The Blue Angels flew over my school last year. Sit down, son.


I saw them too! I’m in manhattan right now! :DDDDD


They flew over my house yesterday. A B-17G flew over my school.

Blue Angels?

Also btw a Vulcanian bomber flew over my house so yea all sit down 😂

Any F-22 is better than the Blue Angels


The Blue Angles are common, I see f 18s all the time though. I personally would rather see a bunch of f22’s.

They’re the most famous American air force squadron of blue and yellow F18s. They perform incredible acrobatic feats.

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They belong to the Navy…


You take that back! Lel

Oops. Sorry. Forgot XD.

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I’m on top of that too @the_simulation_nerd the blue Angels are navy aircraft and are not as cool as the USAF Thunderbirds! 😝

Have you
A) seen them both
B) seen them both on days of fair comparison (not freezing cold on one and perfect for the other)
If so, then that’s fair to say, but if not its not

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