A formation flight from KRIC to KJFK @KRIC 191720NOV19

A formation flight from Richmond International Airport to John F. Kennedy international airport. You can spawn at any gate. Aircraft and livery:a320 Alligiant airlines time of departure 12:20 PM EST rout: copy mine. We will take off of runway 25


Hey! You do this pretty often, but can’t seem to get the rules right. Remember to include the proper title. In this case, it would be:

“A formation flight from KRIC to KJFK @ KRIC - 191720ZNOV19”

Oh ok my bad it’s just because I get really bored and I really like flying with other people

I’m pretty sure there’s a format pinned in the GroupFlights category which you can refer to here.

Also, what server is this on? I’m quite interested.

Absolutely! Just make sure your title is right or your topic may be closed. Unfortunately, you need to follow the strict format.

Oh ok I will do that

The server is on casual

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