A Foggy, Orange Sunrise In Seattle Before Taking a 717 Half Way Across the Pacific

Today I flew from Boeing Field in Seattle to Honolulu, the 717 used was in Seattle for mechanical and structural reasons so after a few weeks we had to take it back to Honolulu. The sunrise was amazing because of the low visibility and after 5 Hours and 6 Minutes we landed back home in Honolulu where the 717 would later continue on to Kona.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Hawaiian 717-200
Flight Time: 5 Hours and 6 Minutes
Fuel Used: All of it

Lined up on the runway ready for our long flight back to Honolulu
Turning away from the rising sun bound for beautiful weather in Hawaii Ascending last the Mountains of western Washington preparing for the next 5 hours over water After a long 4 and a half hours of seeing nothing but water, the volcanoes of Maui and Molokai were a welcoming sight Crossing the coast of Oahu Starting to approach runway 22L. We were forced to use 22L because we didn’t have enough fuel to go to any other runway at Honolulu and it allowed us easy access to our diversion airport of Kaneohe Bay Air Station if we ran out of fuel A steep descent toward the runway after threading the needle through 2 mountains, I see why they don’t use this runway for landings Final Approach after declaring an emergency for Minimum fuel A hard Touchdown in Honolulu

Please let me know your thoughts on the photos!


Good job, impressive that you got a 717 that far

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Thanks man!

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When I shut off the engines at the gate I had about 15 seconds of fuel remaining, it was REALLY close


Okay, that is crazy orange!!

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I was surprised how Orange it was too but it really made the Hawaiian logo look cool

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Yeah, it looks like a taillight lol

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Haha it really does 😂

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