A Flight with Laura Laban in her Citabria!

Hey Everyone,

While in San Francisco this past February, I had the extreme thrill of touring the San Francisco Bay area with Laura! We did some crazy tight patterns at Oakland International and got to fly right over the departure end of SFO!

This half hour video shows almost the entire flight, and is available to all FlightCast Cafe subscribers with a Captain membership. A much shorter film will eventually make its way to YouTube as well. No timeline for that yet.



Cool. Pretty good. Amazing

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That’s awesome. Love seeing some super tight patterns.

@jasonrosewell… MaxSez: Interesting! Laura told me years ago that a “Champ” was her basic trainer. Could this “Citabria” (a Sexed up Champ) be a legacy bird or just one of the toys in her “Fleet”?

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haha - such an interesting question. This would be the only bird in her fleet, but it’s pristine and powerful. Sexed up is right! She’s a beauty, that’s for sure.


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